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In 2020, The beach season is approaching, which means it’s time to indulge yourself with fashionable summer glasses. The sun protection model protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, which are especially active in hot weather. In addition, the accessory will complement the casual look and help you look stylish in any situation. But fashion is changing, and the rim of sunglasses, which you wore last summer, maybe irrelevant this year. After analyzing the latest trends in the fashion industry, we made a selection of fashionable frames of sun-protection models of this season. Let’s choose stylish Sunglasses for 2020 summers.

Tide Sunglasses Women

Tissue sunglasses of summer in 2020, the popular trend will be glasses with round lenses in a laconic frame. Sunglass hut USA glasses are an element of celebrity style such as John Lennon, Grigory Leps, Ozzy Osborne. These models are not only rock stars, but also women of fashion, complementing their everyday outfits. Their variety allows everyone to choose glasses for their liking: rimless models, with mirror lenses, small, oversized or even in the style of steampunk. They will suit any image: from “a la hippie” to a simple outfit for study or work. However, do not combine them with a sporty style or military. Stylish version of glasses-glasses – model Prada PR 50TS.

Teardrop-shaped Sunglasses Women

Teardrop Points Also known as Aviators, do not lose their relevance this season. It’s all because of their versatility: drop-shaped glasses are perfect for a classic look, military, grunge or punk bows. We bring to your attention several ideas with which Aviators can be combined in the summer season: with a loose white shirt and blue jeans – simple but stylish; with a total black bow, and if you wear a leather jacket “leather jacket”, you get a rebellious image; with a bright top and high-waisted shorts — perfect for going to the beach; with a cream trouser suit, because who said that the Aviators are incompatible with the classic outfit? Look for drop-shaped glasses, they are definitely a must-have for this summer.

Narrow “futuristic” Sunglasses

Among the fashionable frames of this season are Trinity glasses from the “Matrix” and all sorts of futuristic variations. Designers of leading brands quickly “picked up” a wave of nostalgia for the 90s. From now on, narrow glasses are not just an echo from the past, but a fashionable phenomenon of recent seasons. The trend will continue to be popular among celebrities: Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne were spotted in narrow models. These glasses are worn both in addition to the casual style with torn jeans, a bomber jacket, and boots and with an elegant evening dress. Futuristic accessories diversify the image of the beach and fit the fused bathing suit. On vacation on a hot summer day, choose narrow glasses, such as Vogue VO5211S.

“Cat’s eye”Sunglasses Women 

Favorite by many elegant frames of the “cat’s eyes” rim will not remain without attention this summer. Although such a frame was popular in the 50s, modern designers continually improve this model and give it a modern look. Particularly noteworthy decorated glasses “cat’s eye.” What can you wear with such a feminine accessory?

We suggest you combine them with such outfits:

  • shirt dress – to create a romantic summer look;
  • a bomber jacket or a denim jacket paired with your favorite jeans for cool weather;
  • bright swimsuit, hat, and pareo – for relaxing on the beach;
  • elegant evening dress – for special occasions.

Pay attention to the decorated model Marc Jacobs MARC 263 / S, which will emphasize your elegance.

Butterfly Sunglasses Women

These sun models resemble the wings of real butterflies. The rim of these butterfly sunglasses (2020) is quite massive, and the upper and lower corners are slightly elongated. This summer, the butterfly glasses will not yield to their popularity with a “cat’s eye” rim. With their help, create extravagant images or bows a la “from the distant future.” At the same time, they will be the highlight of the light and cute outfit. Well-known brands have “picked up” the fashion for butterfly glasses: they can be seen in the new collections of Fendi and Miu Miu. Richly decorated models, gilded and silver-plated frames look especially elegant. If you are interested in this trend of summer 2018, pay attention to the solar accessory Dior DIORBIANCA.

Now you know what sunglasses rims will be the trends of the summer sunglasses of 2020. We hope that the selection of accessories inspired you to new experiments with your own style. Stay with Sunglass hut USA Store and keep abreast of all fashion trends.

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