7 Tips for Buying the best Cheap Sunglasses


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In 2019, For most of us, the Sunglasses are expensive, poorly reimbursed and need to be renewed regularly. However, there is a wide choice of Sunglasses or glasses at very affordable prices among many opticians and not only on the Internet.
To get a better value and buy the best cheap Sunglasses follow our advice in 7 points! You can also consult our buying guide to have benchmarks on the price of the Sunglasses.

1.Know your needs Sunglasses

It is essential and yet often neglected! If you determine your needs before buying your Sunglasses, you will be less inclined to pay more than you need or to leave your pair in a drawer … You will find on this site a series of articles allowing you to choose your frames and Sunglasses.
For the warranty for Sunglasses (anti-scratch, anti-glare, polarizing lenses, anti-UV anti-fog, etc …) we will often tend to offer you of course, yet they are not all essential and they can raise the rating by several tens of Dollar. If you want coatings on Sunglasses, you should know that some treatments are included in the type of Sunglasses. For example, polycarbonate lenses still provide protection against harmful UV. Make sure you do not pay twice.
Manufacturers have invested heavily in recent years to improve the quality of vision and the quality of lenses or treatments: if you do not wear regular Sunglasses or your correction is low, you may not need to buy “bespoke” Sunglasses of the last generation.

2.Choosing the right sign

For a pair of Sunglasses of the same quality, prices differ from one store to another, and sometimes even for the same brand. Feel free to enter the shops to try frames and evaluate the quality of professional advice. If you want to buy your Sunglasses on the Internet, know that they will often be cheaper than traditional optician.

3.Opt for quality

Yes, it’s a good calculation: buying a quality mount today can save you from having to replace it next year. Some cheap Sunglasses can be pretty but not very functional and can even affect your health. Conversely, a mount first price at 30 Dollar is not necessarily poorer quality than the amount to 200 Dollar, we must take into account the materials used, but also the design and brand that alone can justify such a price gap. Also, know that you can quite mount new lenses on your old mount.

4. Choose or not a brand

As we have seen, a brand does not necessarily mean quality. Just know that between a classic frame and a frame branded by a designer, prices can vary from 1 to 10. If you want to buy a brand mount, see our section on eyewear brands, their features, their latest models, …

5. Request quotes

Ask for an optical quote in due form, all opticians are required to give it to you, but sometimes it is necessary (often!) To claim it.
Feel free to ask for more quotes and to refuse some unnecessary options. Prices may also differ from one place to another for the same brand. Play the competition and compare what is comparable … When buying cheap Sunglasses, it is important to compare not only the price but the overall value, including the quality of the frames and lenses, the care is taken during the assembly, professional know-how, services offered and warranty Learn more about opticians’ warranties.

6. Choosing a mutual that works with a health network

Many optical elements (Swiss Life, Health Tranquility, MGEN, Axa, Maaf, …) have used health platforms that work with licensed opticians partners. Even with a “basic” contract, it is possible to obtain discounts of 20 to 40% on Sunglasses and frames. Learn more about mutuals and networks of certified opticians.

7. The offer of the second pair, a deal

Almost all opticians offer a second pair of free glasses, even those who do not advertise, but know that it will often be of lower quality in terms of frames and sunglasses. The choice of frames is also often more limited. If you do not need it, you can ask for a discount on your pair of glasses instead, it is possible to get a discount of 15% to 20%.


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