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Alicia Vikander is a 29-year-old Hollywood rising star. The rapid development of the acting career of a girl speaks about her incredible talent and desire to achieve more and more peaks every year. In addition, Alicia has a delicate sense of style: the girl loves simple clothes, but complements her with interesting accessories. For example, she has a rather large collection of glasses that help her hide from annoying paparazzi. In the article we will reveal the secrets of the success of the actress, tell you about her biography, filmography and style. Enjoy reading!

Born girl in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. Her parents, actress Maria Fal-Vikander and psychologist Svante Vikander, divorced when Alicia was two months old. Despite the fact that the mother raised the girl on her own, the father also maintained a relationship with her daughter, often taking her away for the weekend. By the way, Alicia has five paternal brothers and sisters.

The creative makings of Alicia and the craving for public speaking appeared in early childhood. Then the mother, without hesitation, gave her daughter to the Royal Swedish Ballet School, in which the future Hollywood star studied for 9 years. In various interviews, she with joy and gratitude recalls those times, because the incredible plasticity, endurance and tempered character are the qualities that Wikander brought up during her studies. But the desire to become an actress in the footsteps of the mother outweighed, and the girl still realized her dream in the film industry. It all started with episodic roles in “Darkness of Truth” and “Rain”. Then there were more ambitious projects, and in some of them the future celebrity played the leading roles: in the second series and To Something Beautiful series. For her second job, Alicia received the most prestigious award in Sweden – “Golden Beetle” in the nomination “Best Actress”. This is the first film award of the actress, but more – more. By the age of 29, Wikander won the Screen Actors Guild Awards, the Oscars, the Choice of Critics, the Empire and the Satellite for the supporting role in the film “Girl from Denmark”. Alicia was also nominated several times for Golden Globe, Teen Choice Awards and a number of other prestigious awards.

Personal life
Alicia Wikander in 2017 tied his fate in marriage to Irish actor Michael Fassbender. Young people met on the set of the film “Light in the Ocean”, in which they played leading roles. The work on the common project brought the colleagues so close that their desire soon turned into a novel. After 3 years, the couple got married. By the way, not only Alicia loves to wear a sun accessory. Her husband also prefers to “hide” from curious media. In the photo below, a couple is walking through sunny Sydney. Wikander’s glasses are from Dior, and Michael put on an accessory from Ray-Ban. The updated version of the sun accessory of the actress – Dior DIORONDE1 model, and the classic Sunglass hut Aviator – as worn by Michael Jackson.

Alicia Wikander deftly balances between art-house projects and large franchises, from which she does not fill her roles with labels. On the contrary, each of her shooting at the cinema is a work separately worked out, perfect to perfection and brilliance. For example, in early 2018, the franchise of “Lara Croft” came out on big screens, in which Alicia Vikander replaced Angelina Jolie. For this role, the girl went through a 7-month hard physical training, during which she trained in the gym 5-6 days a week and sat on a strict diet. As a result – a relief body and +6 kilograms of muscle mass. Her coach, former hockey player Magnus Ligdbek, in an interview with the press said that Alicia has an endless supply of energy and a desire for a goal. The girl did not miss a single lesson. What came of it – see the movie “Tomb Raider: Lara Croft”. In total in the arsenal of the actress – 67 films. Below are the best of Alicia’s films in our humble opinion:

  • Anna Karenina (2012);
  • Memories of the Future (2014);
  • The Seventh Son (2014);
  • The girl from Denmark (2015);
  • Out of the car (2015);
  • Jason Bourne (2016);
  • Light in the ocean (2016);
  • Immersion (2017);
  • Tulip Fever (2018);
  • Tomb Raider: Lara Croft (2019).


Alicia Wikander has a tender and quivering beauty. Her open look, subtle facial features and a miniature figure captivate, and the preference for simple and modest dresses makes the actress a real Scandinavian style icon. In the wardrobe of the girl black, white and gray color prevail, and for the red tracks she chooses feminine images in calm colors. Alicia Wikander’s glasses are a symbiosis of laconism and lightness that naturally fits into her every image. For example, the girl walked through the streets of Beverly Hills in dark shades in 2019 sunglasses Celine CL 41089 / S. This accessory famous brand fits a discreet image of the actress, is not it?

Below the photo presents more gentle images of Alicia in bright colors. And in addition to such a light and summer bow, glasses like MICHAEL KORS MK2059 CARTAGENA have become. The coloring of the havana is perfect for the dark blonde hair of the actress.

In life, Wikander does not wear vision glasses and does not even use them as image. But on the screen one of her heroines tried on a setting similar to Sunglass hut usa ST6378. Does Alicia have such an accessory, what do you say?

Alicia Wikander has just recently started her film career and has achieved incredible popularity over several years. Why, you ask? The whole secret – in the hard work, perseverance and strength of spirit of the young girl. We wish creative success and inspiration to the Swedish beauty! If you want to buy yourself and your close ones sunglasses or frames, welcome to our online store Sunglasshutusa.com

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