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Actress Anne Hathaway – a symbiosis of talent and charisma. In her 35, she achieved incredible success in her career, received eminent awards, gained family and world fame thanks to her talent and perseverance. And this fragile girl is a real fan of various accessories. In both movies and in real life, Anne Hathaway can be seen wearing glasses. On the biography of a celebrity, her personal life, films and style – further in the article. Enjoy reading!

Anne Hathaway was raised in a New York lawyer and actress family. From an early age, the girl was inculcated a love of art, even the name was chosen for her not without purpose – in honor of the wife of William Shakespeare. In parallel with her studies in college, young Anne went to vocal lessons, and in her free time she sang in the choir and played in the theater. Despite her passion for art, she dreamed of becoming a nun, because she was brought up in strict Catholic traditions. But the craving for the “beautiful” still prevailed. The debut for the future star of Hollywood was the 1999 TV series “Be Yourself”. Then a few years later, Ann starred in the film “Princess Diaries,” where Mia Thermopolis, heir to the throne of Genovia (made up for a European country), played Mia Thermopolis. This cute story of the reincarnation of the “ugly duckling” in “The Swan” received a sequel, which was released on large screens in 2004. By the way, the main character in the first part wore an oval-shaped setting that looks like Ray-Ban RX3547V glasses. This accessory is suitable for creating a casual image of an American schoolgirl who brought real fame to the actress.

After such a magical film from the invitations to the shooting of Ann, there was no end. In the year the actress participated in 2-3 projects at the same time, working on diverse roles. And she was generously rewarded for it – she received a number of significant awards:

  • “Emmy” (2010);
  • Oscar (2013);
  • Golden Globe (2015)
  • “Prize of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts” (2016);
  • “US Screen Actors Guild Award” (2018).

Anne Hathaway is not only a talented actress, she is also an active fighter for the rights of women and children all over the world. And in 2016, the girl became the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. Another interesting fact about celebrities: she is a vegetarian and an ardent opponent of smoking, although she herself “indulged” in cigarettes for some time. Amazing man, is not it?

Personal life
For about 4 years, the actress was in a relationship with the Italian Rafaello Folieri, which ended because of the businessman’s problems with the law. In 2006, Ann began dating an actor and jeweler, Adam Shulman. After 5 years, the couple got married. And in 2016, a happy family had a son. By the way, the star couple looks very harmonious next to each other. Especially when spouses wear almost identical sunglasses. The picture below shows Ann in the model Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer, and her husband in the classic Sunglass hut usa ST2132 – New Wayfarer.

The actress has more than 30 brilliant works. These are historical drama, comedies, melodramas, dramas, sci-fi and adventure films, a musical and several cartoons. She was lucky to collaborate on the same site with Tom Hardy , Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Hugh Jackman, Robert De Niro, Jason Sudeikis, Matthew McConachy, Michael Kane, Jake Gyllenhaal, James McAvoy, Heath Ledger, Kate Hudson and Meryl Streep. Below is a ranking of the best works of the actress in the version of the resource Kinopoisk:

  • Interstellar (2019);
  • The Dark Knight: Revival of the Legend (2012); Les Miserables (2012);
  • Jane Austen (2007);
  • One day (2016).

Soon on the big screens will be released a new film with the participation of Anne Hathaway – “8 Ocean’s friends.” In it, a celebrity played the treacherous Daphne Kruger, who plans to rob a team of professional swindlers led by Debbie Ocean. On the set of a promotional movie, heroine Anne Hathaway starred in sunglasses similar to Tiffany & Co. TF4141.

Anne Hathaway with glasses
The actress in cinema and in life prefers stylish accessories. This also applies to sunglasses, with which the star is trying to hide from the obsessive paparazzi. But it does not always work out предпочит Ann prefers glasses of different forms, because they are practically all to her face. For example, the actress chose a blue denim outfit for a walk with her pets, adding Karl Lagerfeld KL910S to her cat-eye glasses.

Not only celebrity glasses can be experimented, but, in general, the appearance of the actress periodically undergoes radical changes. A few years ago, Ann repainted into a blonde, to which the world community reacted very ambiguously. The photo below shows one of the star outfits in black shades, which contrasts favorably with the blonde hairstyle. And as accessories Hathaway chose glasses, similar to Dolce & Gabbana DG4311. Is it possible to resist such a dazzling smile?

In the American melodrama “One Day,” Ann’s character also wore glasses. And, although the time frame of the film is stretched for 20 years, the shape of its accessory has not changed. The first frame depicts the quivering scene of the meeting of the dawn, where the main character wears a round frame, similar to the female model Inface in Love IF 8440.

The sunglasses in the photo below perfectly matched the relaxed pastime on the beach (this was exactly how it was in the film). If we compare them with modern models, then the most similar ones are Ray-Ban RB3447 Round Metal (Polar). In general, this film is very beautiful and touching. It is suitable for viewing in the company of a loved one or for solitary pleasure.

Anne Hathaway is an incredibly charismatic, talented and hardworking actress, a loving wife and mother, and most importantly a beautiful and bright person. The variety of her works pleases fans of the film industry, and the rapid emergence of films with her in the main role speaks about the demand for celebrity. We wish good luck and creative success Ann!

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