Anti-blue light glasses: how do they improve your sleep?


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In terms of our physical and mental health, there are many benefits to adopting a healthy lifestyle. However, because of our accelerated and overloaded pace of life, we tend to neglect our sleep. Unfortunately, there is a “criminal” who follows us everywhere and endomage our already fragile sleep – the blue light.

What is blue light?
When we spend hours watching our laptops, tablets or computer screens in the evening, our bodies absorb large amounts of what is called “blue light”. Blue light is the bright, artificial light that is produced by LED screens, the majority of which are equipped with electronic devices. Although it attracts and increases our attention during the day, the blue light absorbed during the night can have a detrimental effect on our biological clock, also called the “circadian rhythm”.

When night falls, our brain starts producing a natural chemical called melatonin that tells our body that it’s time to sleep. Yet, studies have shown that the short and bright wavelength that LED displays emit inhibits the natural production of melatonin. That’s why we experience insomnia – a very common symptom after sustained contact with blue light during the night.

anti-blue light glasses

Now, I know what you think, “I have to keep working at night, does that mean I have to endure that sleepless life forever?” I’m happy to announce that there’s a solution for all workaholics at night!

The anti-blue light glasses
There is a very simple and elegant way to fight against blue light. These are the anti-blue light glasses that actually help people with insomnia to have a more serene and deep sleep. What’s interesting is that the idea comes from NASA. Amber lenses are specifically designed to block blue LED light and harmful UV rays that disrupt our natural melatonin intake. Basically, amber lenses work by filtering the portion of blue light from the visible color spectrum when you use your devices in the evening. Therefore, the solution is to wear these glasses anti-blue light when you use your electronic devices in the evening and you will gradually find the happiness of a good night’s sleep! You can also wear them during the day for continuous protection.


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