Choose best type of sunglasses for a big nose


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On the web, we find a lot of information or post on: “How to choose his sunglasses according to the shape of his face?”. But it is very rare to find more indications according to the size of the nose. That’s why today we are going to talk to you about the proper parameters for choosing special big nose sunglasses. Read our guide and bet on a suitable model!

How to choose sunglasses when you have a big nose?

According to its proportions and characteristics, the nose is an important detail when defining a face.
To choose sunglasses that will favor a prominent nose, whether for female or male, the key will be to divert attention to the cheekbones. The sunglasses that apply this feature are those with large frames and fairly tall branches.

The bridge is in most cases the most important element when choosing special glasses big nose. The idea is to choose a model with a bridge low enough and fine not to highlight the protuberant features of the nose. One can also go to extremes and choose a model that has a thick bridge so that the nose goes unnoticed in proportion to it. A detail not to forget? The color of the glasses. Glasses that have a dark colored bridge will fit very well with big-nosed faces. The reason? The dark colors are well known for refined, and the nose will appear finer!

Now let’s take a look at the models suited to your face shape! Models that you will find of course.

Big nose, what are we going to wear today?

We will determine the female models of the men. By respecting the recommendations of the previous paragraph we will now offer you different chic models that fulfill all the conditions you need:

Furla SFU034
This model is a feminine proposition that matches perfectly with prominent noses. Its oversized lenses and its fine bridge give the whole of great elegance, it is an ideal model for woman who want to dazzle in places or events distinguished. These Furla SFU034 are undoubtedly the essential accessory for someone elegant like you.

Dior Metal eyes
We are used to the fact that the French brand makes us know that top model that quickly become very exclusive: a design that never disappoints and dazzles us every time! The Dior Metal eyes model that we present today is one of the least known but one of the most trendy in the collection. Thanks to its oversized cat-eye lenses, the female face is refined and the facial features seem smoother. The curved lines that go from the glasses to the branches will give you an angelic air worthy of the big divas of the big screen.

Tom Ford FT0336 / S
The legendary brand Tom Ford is the exceptional brand for men’s models. These Tom Ford FT0336 / S are Wayfarer style with a more sophisticated touch: navy blue and thick frame. The T bent at each end of the mount and branches is the hallmark of the British brand. When elegance and chic combine in the form of sunglasses, Tom Ford models are born.

Celebrities and their pairs of sunglasses

When we talk about a star with a prominent nose, we immediately think about Sara Jessica Parker. The actress of Sex and the City is well known for her trendy looks. Seductive and always stylish, she wears models of large size or tuttolente aviator type.

In the world of cinema, we also find Sofia Coppola. And despite being in the entertainment world, the producer and actress has always been faithful and proud of her profile and has never succumbed to cosmetic surgery. She usually wears medium acetate models with the slightly pointed upper outer frame to stylize her face. The sunglasses she wears on the photo are of the brand CĂ©line.

If there is one that stands out and has a big nose, it is the sexiest Brazilian model on the planet: Gisele Bundchen. She loves Ray-Ban and her acetate design: Wayfarer, Justin and Clubmaster.

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