Choose your glasses according to the color of your eyes


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Choosing a pair of glasses is an important decision. There are many criteria to take into account such as the shape of your face, the glasses, the color, etc … In the first place you need to determine the frame that is best with the shape of your face. Then it is important to consider the color of your eyes to be able to choose a pair whose color will agree with.

In this case, the easiest rule to follow is to favor a pair in the same tone as your eyes to emphasize your look. You can also highlight it by playing with contrasts. Follow the guide to choose his glasses according to the color of his eyes!

Green eyes
If you have green eyes, choose a frame in brown or gold tones. Other colors like pink, havana will also highlight the color of your eyes.

Brown eyes
The brown eyes agree with brown mounts but also with hues like olive or tan.

Blue eyes
If you have blue eyes, you can choose dark blue frames to deepen your eyes or colors like brown or tan to bring contrast.

Hazel eyes
Hazel eyes are best with gray or green. You can also try the amber or havana hues to bring out the golden sparkle of your eyes.

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