Choosing sunglasses in the shape of the face?


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The rule of the last moment also works when buying sunglasses. We remember them when the sun ruthlessly blinds the eyes. Meanwhile, the choice of protection from bright rays is a whole science that cannot be comprehended in a hurry and in a crowd of customers. Most often, that came up with the fitting, then they took. And this is wrong.

The material of the lens affects the transparency, weight, strength and cost of points. They are made of glass, polyurethane, polycarbonate and acrylic.

Polyurethane is also durable, transparent and expensive. More budget will be polycarbonate. Its optical characteristics are not worse than those of previous materials. True, on the polycarbonate scratches easily appear. But if handled with care, such glasses will last for a long time. Acrylic – the cheapest option. But low price corresponds to low quality. Acrylic lenses are fragile and can distort visible objects.

It is worth mentioning the concept of the category of the filter. It is denoted by numbers from 0 to 4:

– 0 indicates that glasses pass 80-100% of the light. They are best worn on cloudy days.

– 1 means that the bandwidth of the lenses is 43-80%. These glasses are suitable for weather with cloudy clouds.

– 2 – an indicator that the lenses transmit 18-43% of the light. These are the most popular glasses. They are worn in sunny weather.

– 3 means that the lenses transmit 8-18% of the light. They should be worn on sunny days in the mountains and the sea.

– 4 shows that the glasses miss 3-8% of the light. They are also suitable for mountains and the sea, but you should not drive a car into them.

Few understand that driving a car and walking along the beach should be in different glasses. Some are suitable for sports, others for hot resorts. Therefore, be sure to check with lenses sellers.

Pay attention to the size of the glasses: they must be large enough to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from the sun.

If you have vision problems, wear sunglasses over contact lenses or choose an accessory with diopters. In the second case, the doctor in the prescription indicates the category of points or the percentage of light absorption.

Lens color
It is better to choose lenses of green, gray, brown colors and their shades. They almost do not distort colors, absorb UV well and take care of vision.

But red, pink, blue, orange lenses are not the best choice. Of course, this is a tribute to fashion, but the eyes in such an accessory get tired quickly. It is also believed that these shades cause a feeling of irritation. You can wear yellow lenses, but it is better to do this in cloudy weather.

People suffering from glaucoma, it is better to choose green lenses. But the preliminary consultation of an ophthalmologist still does not hurt. Also, when a cataract before buying sunglasses you should definitely go to a specialist.

Very dark lenses badly affect the eyesight of those with whom it is no longer perfect.

 Choosing glasses in the shape of the face
But you should not forget about beauty. To glasses sat perfectly, they are selected under the shape of the face. Holders of a square oval fit round or oval glasses in a dark massive frame. This will help smooth out the angularity of the face. But it is better not to buy square or rectangular glasses in a thin light frame.

Heart-shaped oval face fit round or oval glasses in a thin bright frame. They visually balance a wide forehead and narrow chin. Avoid bright, unusual models and glasses “cat’s eye” in a dark frame.

If the shape of the face is oval, then you can limit yourself almost nothing. Round, square, oval – everything will suit you. The same applies to the rim. It is worth avoiding only too big points.

Round-faced suit square models or glasses with pronounced corners. This will create a favorable contrast with the rounded features. But very small glasses and glasses such as “tishaydy” you just do not fit.

Holders of a diamond-shaped and, by the way, the most rare form of face, fit oval rimless glasses, models with a pronounced eyebrow line. Do not buy accessories with very narrow frames.

The oblong face oval can afford large rectangular aviators and a massive dark frame. Avoid small narrow glasses and rimless models.

For a pear-shaped face, cat-eye glasses, large oval models with a bright decor of the upper part of the rim, will do. This will divert attention from the wide chin and expand the upper part of the face. Do not buy small glasses and models with low earhook.

If the face is rectangular, then boldly take large rectangular glasses “aviators” and models in massive bright frames with a low nasal bridge. You will not fit narrow glasses and thin rims.

And if the sunglasses are chosen incorrectly?
Lenses of poor quality or those that are simply painted in a dark color and do not have UV filters can have a bad effect on vision. On a sunny day, the owners of such glasses do not work protective reflex constriction of the pupil.

It is the retina that is responsible for visual acuity, and changes in its central zone lead to serious consequences.

Unfortunately, in pursuit of a low price, we forget about quality. If you buy sunglasses, then only in specialized optics salons. Of course, in this case, their cost will be much higher than the accessories purchased on the market. But so you will be sure that you have purchased a quality product.


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