Do you know how to clean the glasses?


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Nowadays, there are more and more people using glasses. The glasses are the same as the shoes of people. If you don’t clean them for a long time, it will affect one person’s impression in others. How should we wipe the glasses scientifically and easily?

First, let’s prepare a pair of glasses that have not been cleaned up. There is a lot of gray on the top, especially when the wind is relatively large in the spring, it is necessary to clean the dust on the glasses every day. How to clean your glasses?

Secondly, if you want to clean your glasses, you need to understand the three places where the glasses are most likely to get dirty. The first place, the spectacle lens, is the dirtiest place and the top priority for us to clean our glasses.

The second place is the position of the nose of the glasses. This shape is concave. Therefore, it is the place where dust is most likely to be lost. If it is not scrubbed for a long time, it will become dirty.

The third place is the temples. This place is the place where people touch the ears and hair. They often get dandruff, grease, and other cockroaches. Moreover, when we take glasses, the most common place is this place. There are more fingerprints. Affect appearance.

After that, you have to prepare the tools to wipe the glasses. The most commonly used are glasses cloth, professional equipment for cleaning glasses, and glasses like handkerchiefs and clothes, but the results are all used, not too satisfactory.

Speaking of glasses cloth, you may not know that glasses cloth also has a university question. According to the manufacturing process, materials, thickness and the like of the glasses cloth, the glasses cloth also has advantages and disadvantages. In the picture below, we often send white glasses when we are wearing glasses. It is very thin, and there is a feeling of floating in the hand. The effect of wiping the glasses is not very good. The piece above is not the same, the glasses are very easy to use, friends can carefully compare.

Let’s take a look at the actual operation. Glasses that are wiped out with inferior glasses cloth are prone to small streaks, affecting people’s sight, and visual fatigue will occur after a long time. Therefore, choosing a good piece of eyeglass cloth is essential.

Then, we have a detailed set of steps to clean the glasses. In the first step, use a soft brush to gently sweep off the dust on the surface of the glasses and the seams of the glasses. Another function of using a soft brush is to protect the lens from scratches.

The second step is to puff the lens, make the lens produce water mist, dissolve the dust and increase the degree of lubrication, and it is easier to wipe the glasses. Now the biggest advantage of resin lens is that it does not produce water drops, it is easy to use for the lens, spring, summer, autumn, and winter, simple and practical. In addition, you can use water, but this should be done in places where there is water.

The third step is to scrub with a glasses cloth. When the lens is still foggy, wipe the glasses. Usually, friends will use the method of wiping glasses as shown below. Two fingers hold the glasses cloth at the same time, and the glasses are rubbed on both sides. This method of wiping glasses is not impossible, but it is not optimal.

Friends may wish to try the author’s new method of rubbing glasses: one hand holding the glasses cloth, only one side of the glasses rub, after all, we can only one lens at a time. The advantage of this type of eyeglass is that it is meticulous. Each lens can be wiped clean to the corners and corners. The most important thing is clean.

If you don’t believe it, let’s compare the result of the wipe with the first picture! The glasses that are wiped out by this method are just like the new ones, and always make our eyes shine!


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