Does Sunglass Hut Repair Sunglasses?


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Sunglass Hut Repair Sunglasses

Occasionally the glasses are broken, which is sad but true. You can try to use Sunglass hut repair kits your sunglasses or replace your sunglasses. If you have a choice, we recommend that you go to the optician. Don’t forget to ask for a quote, some minor fixes are very cheap, and they are usually free when you are a regular customer.

Use the Sunglass Hut repair kit for sunglasses

You can find them in store and they contain everything you need to repair your sunglasses: screws, a small screwdriver and sometimes even a magnifying glass. The latest models contain longer screws and therefore easier to use. Insert the screws into the hinges, screw and then level your screw to the size of the hinge.
If you have trouble aligning the hinges, this may be due to a mechanism holding back the hinge of the part at the temple. To correct this, use a paper clip, insert it into the hole of the hinge and gently pull it out. To hold the hinge hole, insert a second paper clip into space you created by pulling on the hinge hole. Align the two parts and tighten the screw. When you’re done, remove the paperclip from the slot and the hole will come back into place, creating a firmer fit for your sunglasses.
A screw has dropped or is missing.

If your glasses frame is damaged, go see an optician repair glasses frame, this repair is mostly free. You learn more about Sunglass hut repair opticians’ warranties. Waiting :
• If the screw is loose, tighten it with a small screwdriver, but the tip of a kitchen knife may do the trick.
• If the screws of your glasses are unscrewed regularly, especially do not put glue. Place a small amount of clear nail polish on the hinge screw to hold the screw in place. Let it dry.
• If one of the small screws that secure the branches is lost, assemble the branch and mount and slide in the tip of a toothpick, then break the excess.
• If you do not have a toothpick, use a needle or pin, but never use force to avoid damaging the thread of the mount.

There are repair kits for glasses

Around 5 Dollar – containing a small screwdriver and some screws with several dimensions. Some opticians provide them for the purchase of the mount and especially online opticians who obviously can not offer to come to the store …!

how to repair sunglasses frames?

1. Use Sunglass hut repair kits to fix plastic frames, you can always try to glue them together but that will not take long. Be careful not to put glue on the glasses and wait until it dries. To remove excess glue, use acetone or nail polish remover.
2. If a branch is broken, it is not necessarily necessary to change the frame, the part can be replaced if your eyeglasses are recent.
3. Do not try to straighten or repair twisted frames or those that no longer fit on your nose because even if you succeed in appearance, a correction that is not exact can change the centering of the glasses (pupillary distance) and can, therefore, harm to your vision.
4. You can replace the hinge with small pliers. Place a tape beforehand to hold the branch and avoid scratching the glasses of course!
5. It is very often possible to change the frames by keeping the eyeglasses. Again, you will save money, do not hesitate to ask your optician.

The glasses are striped
In the case of scratches, It is often necessary to change the glasses, however, you can try to erase the scratch with cerium oxide. It is a white powder that polishes the glass.
Cerium oxide is an abrasive powder used for quality finishing of optical components. It is a non-toxic product, phosphate, and acid-free and does not attack the skin.
Cigarette ash can also act favorably on scratched glasses. Take the opportunity to discover here other tips and tricks.

Scratch-resistant lenses get scratched

No material is actually scratch-resistant, scratch-resistant lenses are actually “hardened” lenses. The hardened treatment allows the lenses to better withstand small, shallow, fine scratches, but it is not resistant to deeper scratches caused by eg metal objects or sand.

Sunglass hut repair policy

Sunglass Hut Sunglasses and optical frames are the results of a unique combination of design and quality excellence. our mission is to be the premier shopping and inspiration destination for the famous brands, latest trends and exclusive styles of high-quality fashion and performance sunglasses.
All the glasses purchased in this shop, during the warranty period, Sunglass Hut free repair, If your eyeglasses are damaged or need to be repaired, please verify with the online shop who sold you the product for available services. If this is not possible, we will be happy to assist you, Don’t sunglass hut repair cost. We will make every effort to make repairs as per customers’ request. Requested repairs that are not covered under Lifetime Warranty and Repair Policy will be performed at the cost of the parts replaced.


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