Essential tips before buying your Sunglasses


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7 points to check before buying sunglasses

1. Buy only CE marked sunglasses. Learn more about the degree of protection of sunglasses
2. Buy glasses accompanied by an information leaflet, specifying the name and address of the manufacturer and/or his authorized representative established in a European Union State.
3. Choose with 100% UV protection Sunglasses and do not neglect the category of protection.
4. Choose polycarbonate lenses that are lightweight and strong.
5. The wrap-around sunglasses, therefore, offer the best protection as they avoid UV rays can pass on the side.
6. Choose polarizing glasses, so as to suppress the reverberation, and thus glare.
7. For total 100% UV Protection Sunglasses, choose glasses that filter blue light. Less known than UV, it is not stopped by the natural filters of the eye and is a source of early aging of the retina.


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