Fake Ray Ban the difference between real


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Ray-Ban is a brand that I appreciate very much, his sunglasses are timeless and must say, we look super cool with a pair of aviator or wayfarer on the face.

Unfortunately, I do not have the budget to buy a real pair, but the other day I found by chance at the beach a pair of white Ray-Ban Wayfarer.

Well I know a little, I had the chance to do a training on sunglasses a few years ago for a job, I knew right away that it was fake (and thin!), but sometimes the sunglasses are so well imitated that it’s hard to know if it’s really authentic.

I thought it was interesting to share that with you!

A photo of a real white wayfarer

ere are the signs of this counterfeit.

1) The weight

Already, the pair of glasses should be heavy, we feel the quality in his hands right away. They are made of acetate and not light plastic. When you fold them, there should be a space between the branches and the glasses and not touch them.

2) The glasses

In the top left, the Ray-Ban logo is normally engraved on the glass, it is not a sticker that is just placed. And then we see that it is a little erased. If you scratch and it goes away, it’s fake.
On the other glass, the sign RB appears, which normally should not be seen as much (see photo above), it is not always engraved on the authentic glasses so it’s a little hard to check.

And of course, because it’s bad quality, your eyes will not be well protected because they will not be Ray-Ban certified glasses with a category 3 UV filter. It’s not just for style, think -Also to your sight!

3) The logo

The Ray-Ban logo on the branches should be clean and not glued with glue to go fast, we can see that it’s really ugly, and then it should be closer to the edge of the branch.

4) The branches

The inside of the branches is a good way to see if you have real or fake glasses, not just Ray-Ban. On the left branch, there is always a long number with sometimes letters.They usually mean the model of glasses (for example RB 2140 which is a model of wayfarer), the others are the size of the glasses and the bridge or branches.

On the right hand side, there must be the model name, the brand, the CE sign and Hand Made in Italy because they are made in Italy (and by the company Luxotica). The writing must always be clear with spaces.

Then the hinges (which connect the branch to the glass) should be metal and not plastic, with screws.

5) The complete pack

If you buy them online, the e-shop must provide a Ray-Ban box, a small cleaning wipe, a certificate of authenticity, a leather case, but it also varies editions as polarized, limited editions, the fiber of carbon optics …

For the wayfarer, you must receive this.

Of course, it is easy to copy all that, but if you paid 40 euros there is a good chance that it is fake! Another small detail, the glasses should not be wrapped in a plastic bag, and the cleaning cloth should be quality, but you can feel it between your fingers.

Wayfarers cost on average between 90 and 130 euros depending on the edition.
Hoping this article can help some of you!


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