Fashion Women Sunglasses trends 2020


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Every summer, the designers of sunglasses are faced with a difficult task – what else could one think of such that the main accessory of the season stands out more and gives an image of individuality? Sunglass hut the USA chose the most trendy Polarized sunglasses for women in 2020.


The round lenses John Lennon liked to wear made a resounding return to fashion this summer. The model has its own name – in professional slang they are called shady. Now, such tischaids are produced by leading fashion houses, decorating them with rhinestones, now with thin frames with a leopard print, or with a neat metal frame. By the way, often the rim can either be absent altogether or be very thick, decorated with various details.

When choosing Sunglasshutusa Sunglasses, it is important to remember that they do not go to all forms of the face. These glasses are best suited to the elongated and oval shapes, and also help to adjust the elongated nose.


Rims with the so-called bridge on the nose came to us this summer from the fashion of the 1990s. Such a model, too, as well as shady, helps to visually shorten the outstanding nose – this quality is considered its great advantage. Vintage design is emphasized in many collections with elements of wood and polished metal with a golden sheen, and also offers a variety of shades from classic brown and black to pastel and options of translucent plastic. The bridge – and in some cases a double one – is also present on classical aviators, and on round and oval glasses made of acetate and plastic.


The new model of this season – classic rim sunglasses with bright mirror lenses with a gradient effect. Red and yellow, green and blue, purple and pink – double and even triple color combinations look spectacular in the relaxed atmosphere of summer festivals in the open air. Similar gradient models appeared in Ray-Ban, Sunglasshutusa, Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs, and more democratic brands followed them – now you can buy lenses shimmering in the sun in mass-market stores. Despite the presence of such points in almost all categories, it must be admitted that most of all the effect of the gradient goes to classic aviators.


Lovers of shocking this season will not have to go far for sunglasses that can overshadow the whole image. Summer collections of designers are full of the most fantasy options of rhinestones, sequins and metal parts. Some are decorated with plastic figurines and overlaid ornaments, others with lace flowers, and the frames of the third are carved completely with the help of laser technology. “More – no less” – this slogan to the adherents of minimalism is put forward this summer by designers Dolce & Gabbana, whose weighty glasses combined laser design techniques, jewelry, and figure decoration.




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