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Do you choose sunglasses? Scrolling through the pages of magazines, viewing photos on the screens of smartphones or computers, you inevitably meet the sunglasses with mirror lenses. They draw attention to the unusual multi-colored aesthetics. These glasses are in the collections of almost all fashion houses.

What are good glasses with a mirror coating?
Than, besides the appearance they are interesting, how protected from the sun? Having received answers to these questions, you can refer to fashion trends and personal style preferences.

The main property of mirror glasses is a reflection of light. In the sun protection complex, the “mirror” is not the only factor, but an addition to the necessary UV filters, which you cannot visually determine when buying, you can only trust the manufacturer. Like any other sunglasses, mirrored glasses should be original. A reliable supplier will not risk his reputation; he guarantees that the product’s annotation corresponds to real characteristics.

A bit of history
The mirror effect of the lenses has been known since the first deposition of metal particles on the lenses of glasses for pilots in the 30s of the last century. Bausch & Lomb has become the first manufacturer of mirror lenses for sunglasses. To obtain a mirror effect, oxides of titanium, zirconium and even silver were used. The simplest result was achieved due to the deposition of a metal layer. This type of coating was fairly easily damaged, corroded in a humid environment, especially saline. Later they began to apply deposition of metal oxides on the lens at the molecular level at very high temperatures.

Now the lenses are covered with several layers of dielectric materials, not excluding metals, by the method of interference spraying. The process of applying layers of thin-film systems resembles the application of anti-reflective coatings, but only from the outside of the lens. The thickness of the layer can be from 0.5 to 9 nm. The list of materials is likely to never be limited to a few known now. Today it is titanium, nickel, chromium and their alloys, oxides, for example, chromium oxide, silicon dioxide or titanium dioxide and other film-forming materials.

By the way, the lenses themselves received a new name, now they are called both mirror (mirror) and reflecting (flash). And the color of the lens surface may be different, the color of the mirror coating does not depend on the color tone of the lenses. In the brightest “acid” lenses you can see the surrounding in blue.

Functional features of mirrored sunglasses
The mirror surface of the lens can be different in terms of light reflection, it is possible to reduce the amount of light to the eyes by up to 50%, which reduces visibility. It is clear that for everyday urban life, especially for drivers, it is worth taking the selection of such glasses with caution, without fanaticism, it is recommended to use it actively for rest and work in the mountains with snow covers and in open water spaces.

Mirror Coating
Mirror lenses, reflecting light, practically do not heat up, but you should not leave them in the open sun. We will not wait for the coating reaction to the aggressive sun. Reflective lenses are generally demanding to care, because the surface of the lens consists of several film applications and even the smallest scratch can significantly degrade the aesthetics of glasses. Here you can say a lot about it. J

The manufacturing technology of mirror lenses allows designers of fashion houses to embody all kinds of fantasies. Lenses can be of different colors, non-uniform in saturation, with a gradient, with rainbow transitions, and by presenting the possibility of combining this resource with differently shaped frames, you understand the infinity of the proposals. Mirror goggles for men can be detached, arrogant guardians of men’s secrets, and women’s mirror goggles will certainly become faithful accomplices of female mystery. Mirrored sunglasses can challenge and protect society. Or maybe this is a topic of joy and young hooliganism? See yourself in every person and accept it.


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