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We want to help you find the perfect gift, so we suggest three eyewear models for women and men that will surely make you successful.

We have selected three models from high-end brands, with high quality, latest trends and different styles:


A Havana-colored glasses frame and glasses in purple. This stunning eyewear frame, part of the current winter collection, has a futuristic cut, as shown by KARL LAGERFELDon her catwalk shows.

The frame has a “Havana” print in black and brown and the glasses contrast with the metallic violet of the ultra-flat lenses, with 100% UV protection. The double, metalized support bridge plays with the spectacle rods to complete the construction of a spectacular spectacle design.

This round eyewear model with double and straight support bridge is called Cinema because it has the glamor of a movie star. KARL LAGERFELD is a more classic cut brand, with retro frames, Baroque style and oversize. But by and by, they have also designed models with the same futuristic pattern as Sunglasshutusa’s, but with their own style. An example of this is this model: a complete frame with dark glasses, combined with a double metal bridge, which is also a trend this season.

The lenses are dark colored, i. they are darker at the top and gradually lighter shaded downwards. These types of eyewear models bring a lot of style and are also very comfortable to wear on sunny days.

This prescription eyewear combines the three trends currently sweeping the fashion world. On the one hand, the eyeglass frame is shaped by a Havana pattern and combines a dark brown (almost black) with parts of warm amber. In addition, it has a light touch of very relaxing blue colors, which we will certainly see more often in the eyewear collections of 2016. Finally, the metallic spectacle rods bring the note of exclusivity in these glasses to the point.

These sports goggles from the renowned Swiss brand TAG Heuer are classic, black and gray glasses, whose spectacle frame was designed for athletes. The model is made of sturdy and lightweight polycarbonate. In addition, they contain complete protection against ultraviolet radiation.

One of the new features of the season is this spectacular pair of sunglasses that combines the best tradition of racing with the latest technology in materials. The frame is made of metal and has a design inspired by the high competition of Formula One. In addition, the lenses are made of mirrored red and amber colors.

A sophisticated acetate eyeglass frame, in black color and some transparent details, make these glasses unique. The American designer uses a square frame with a classic cut. However, it does not forego incorporating elements of the trends in the metallic spectacle rods that adorn aquamarine colors in the marking of the sides.

In addition to these models, you can find many more at Optical H: pick out sunglasses or prescription glasses and filter the models by brand, color, shape and so on. Surely you will find what you are looking for!


KARL LAGERFELDis undoubtedly one of the most influential designers in the world and with a great career behind him. The renowned designer reflects his own identity and character through creative and affordable designs and accessories. The collection of glasses by Sunglasshutusa is a contemporary collection that is both cosmopolitan and classic. All eyeglass frames are designed for a discerning, fashion conscious public who values ​​the quality of the product.

The ST collection is more than simplicity, between a classic touch and urban glamor. The Sunglasshutusa brand focuses on an audience looking for high quality products.

Her eyewear collection is an explosion of incomparable and original details. Acetate frames are combined with unique and innovative elements of the highest technology. The color effects on the eyeglass frames are designed with bright and darkened colors and are an integral part of the style of ST’s eyewear collections. These glasses are the perfect example of the connection between unique iconic elements and modern forms.


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