How do I take care of my glasses and lenses?


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If you wear glasses or contact lenses, it is because the health of your eyes is important to you. But what about the tools that correct your vision? How to prolong the beauty of your frame and the duration of your lenses?

Here are some tips for maintaining your glasses and contact lenses:

1. A good cleaning
Did you know that it is strongly recommended to regularly clean your mount? Put it under warm water and, with a mild soap, gently massage the glasses and the entire frame to get rid of grease and other dirt. “People are inclined to use hot water to clean their glasses, thinking that the heat will remove the fat better,” says optician Janie Trottier. However, in the long run, hot water can crack the antireflection and cleans less well, in addition to picking up dust and dirt. It is therefore important to use lukewarm water for effective cleaning of your glasses.

“Do not clean your glasses with a paper towel, because it may contain wood chips and so it scratches the glasses,” warns the optician. Clean your glasses daily by spraying them with our eco-friendly anti-reflective cleaner, then wipe them with tissue. If there are still residues on the glasses, iron with our microfiber cloth. Farewell fingerprints in glasses!

2. Handle them with care
Corrosive products (alcohol, glass cleaner, chemicals) and aerosols (hair spray) can scratch glasses and dull frames. Extreme temperatures can damage the treatment applied to your glasses. To prolong their life, avoid exposing them to these elements. “People tend to leave their sunglasses or eyes in the glove compartment of their car, but it is strongly discouraged to do so,” adds optician Janie Trottier.

Indeed, the heat concentration is very high in the car and this temperature can crack the antireflection and thus damage the lenses of the glasses. Smaller heat shocks such as oven or spa are also to be avoided to prolong the life of your glasses.

Also be sure to store your glasses in a holster (without straining on the branches), and remove them with both hands.

3. Cleaning
First, be sure to wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your lenses. Rub and rinse well with solution every time you clean. It is very important to rub both sides of the lenses with your fingers while making a pie-tip movement. We make sure to really dislodge everything on the surface! Caution: water and saliva are not good cleaners!

It is also important to clean your case every day with solution. Dry it with a clean cloth and lay it upside down without the caps. It is recommended to change it every three months.

4. To avoid:
– Wear your lenses in the shower, pool or jacuzzi.

– Sleep with his lenses.

– Mix several kinds of solutions.

– Store your lenses in the water.

Warning: Never use the solution of the day before.

5. To take good care of your eyes:
– Replace his lenses according to the recommendations of his professional.

– Visit his professional every year or more often, as needed.

– Ask questions about the care and use of his lenses.

– Keep a pair of glasses near you in case you should remove the lenses.

– Consult an optometrist in the following situations: blurred vision, discomfort, irritation, red eyes, sensitivity to light.


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