How do you measure sunglasses frame size?


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You must have, at the time of making the purchase of a pair of sunglasses, choose its size. So you must have asked yourself “but what can it be?

Very easy:
Just like clothing, there are sizes for glasses, especially if you buy Ray-Ban glasses. The choice of size allows the glasses to adapt to any type of face, making them unisex sunglasses. The size corresponds to the measurement of the maximum width of the glass in millimeters.

Normally you find two sizes. But which one to choose? In this case, the smallest is equivalent to the size M and the largest to the size L. In general, the smallest size is suitable for women and the largest for the male faces. But it is true that everything depends on the shape of the face or the type of sunglasses that you like to wear (some people prefer to see themselves with an XL model). Here are some examples:

Example 1: In this case these sunglasses come in two sizes: 58 and 62. The size 58 is perfect for faces that are not very wide and the 62 for the biggest faces.

Example 2: For these Wayfarer sunglasses you also have the option between two sizes, but as you see, differently to the previous one. In this case, the size 50 would correspond to the size S / M and the 54 to one L.

Example 3: If you find that they only offer one size (as for this Ray-Ban Clubmaster) the size is then a size M. It is a standard size model, which fits all type of face.

We hope that this small size guide will be useful. Once the model and size chosen, you will just enjoy your news of the sun.

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