How important is it to wear sunglasses?


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“Appreciate the fact that the sun illuminates you with its rays; it gives strength, prosperity and health, as it paints your blood balls red and miraculously strengthens and soothes your nervous system. ”

Summer. The sun. Heat and heat. Sometimes you want to hide from it or to cover at least the most vulnerable places of your body from the scorching impact. Sunglasses along with hats have long become not only a means of protecting the eyes from bright sunlight, but also a kind of summertime attribute and even our wardrobe style. They save us from an excess of harmful UV and it’s great! But are sun glasses always so necessary and useful?

The human eye is a great gift of nature, allowing us to admire the unique colors of the world. Everything that we see and how we perceive it is reflected in our eyes. It is no coincidence that wisdom says: “The eyes are the window of the soul.” However, the eyes are judged on the state of health of the body.

Vision and UV irradiation

The eye is created by the nature of a thin and sensitive organ; careless external action can cause it pain, tearing and even inflammation. The bright sun can also harm the eyes, cause a corneal burn, promote the development of cataracts, worsen visual acuity.

However, not everyone knows that sunlight is necessary for the eyes, as well as for the whole body, because 80% of the UV light enters the body through the eyes and only 20% through the skin (the opinion of an ophthalmologist professor, academician of the Laser Academy of Sciences, Oleg Pankov). Sunlight strengthens eyesight, cleans eyes from toxins, supports overall health. Therefore, constantly protecting our eyes, without removing glasses during the day, we block all the useful ultraviolet flux, which causes irreparable harm to our body.

After all, it is known that glass does not allow ultraviolet light, which means that the constant wearing of both sunglasses and glasses with diopters necessary for a person in everyday life is harmful to the body. That is why almost all the spectacles, except for problems with the eyes, have other chronic diseases.

It is important to keep this in mind, to wear glasses where it is necessary: ​​in extreme conditions in bright sun, in the mountains, on the beach, in the open sea, with strong solar radiation, for example, from snow. It is especially important to protect the eyes of older people, in whose body less protective melanin is formed.

Getting into the shadow-partial shade, not to mention being in a room, in transport, it is worth removing sunglasses.

What glasses will protect from the sun?
It has been scientifically established that part of the ultraviolet – short-wave sunlight type B is harmful to the body. They must hold the correct points.

Shaded plastic retains infrared rays and part of the visible spectrum, well transmits ultraviolet rays. However, it is not so simple, it is known that the pupil of the eye increases or decreases depending on the light. Therefore, when we wear dark glasses, the pupil expands greatly, as a result, a large amount of invisible harmful solar radiation enters the eye. Thus, in an effort to protect our eyes with sunglasses, we condemn them to even greater harm.

Glasses must fulfill a protective role from HARMFUL ultraviolet, unfortunately very few people talk about this, urging people not to take off their glasses all summer.

Yellow and orange glass enhance the contrast of the image at dusk, in low visibility conditions – fog, with the counter light of car headlights. These glasses are not cheap, but their effect is significant. These glasses are recommended for people with visual impairment, as they are with diopters.

On high-quality sunglasses should be indicated (on the label) the boundary wavelength, detained by lenses, the value should be close to 400 nm.

According to the degree of protection points are divided into 4 groups, depending on the specific solar activity. The higher the numbers, the stronger the protection:

0-1 ─ overcast weather;

1-2 ─ city in sunny weather;

2-3 ─ beach vacation;

3-4 ─ ski resort.

What color sunglasses from the sun will save with poor eyesight?
When choosing the color of the lens is important to consider the state of your vision.

  • So, myopic people better suited brown tones,
  • Far-sighted – green.
  • Those who have good vision, you can buy glasses with brown, black and gray lenses (they are about equally absorb all the colored rays).
  • Yellow and orange glasses (painted, not mentioned above with amber filters) have a weak filtration ability, although they slightly increase the contrast, they are suitable for a faint sun.
  • But blue, pink or blue glasses are bad defenders and most often only act as a fashion accessory.

Are contact lenses and sunglasses compatible?
Sunglasses can be worn with lenses to protect your eyes from harmful radiation. Although today there are already offered lenses with a sunscreen effect that perform the “two in one” function.

Glass lenses: pros and cons

  • Any glass, as we have already said, does not allow UV, therefore it is impossible to wear glasses with such lenses constantly;
  • Glass lenses are traumatic, so if broken, they can damage the eyes and the face as a whole;
  • The windows are rather heavy;
  • The advantages and disadvantages of plastic glasses:
  • They are lighter than glass;
  • The lenses do not break, most often just crack, without harming the eyes.
  • Plastic is less scratched by rubbing against the surface.
  • At particularly high temperatures can be deformed.
    Pass the entire solar spectrum (useful and harmful).
  • Therefore, it is important to high-quality plastic with a protective filter, and not just painted.
  • So, when choosing sunglasses, everyone chooses the option of lenses. Today, glasses made of modern plastic are very popular, with a special blocking coating that delays the harmful rays of the sun.

It is better to buy glasses in specialized stores, optics stores, and preferably with a certificate of quality. Avoid fakes!

And in general, it is not so important what your glasses are made of, how much they cost, they must be correct: protect your eyes from the harmful spectrum of solar radiation, let the useful ultraviolet light through without harming your health and be comfortable for you!


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