How to choose a lens?


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Lenses are related to the health of our eyes, so what we value more when choosing is its function. In general, its function is mainly reflected in light transmittance, absorption of harmful rays, chemical stability, lightness, wear resistance, safety and so on. From the lens design point of view, there is nothing more than visual effects and lens functions.

Visual effects are mainly changed in the following ways. Materials, different materials have different optical properties, different materials can cause different visual effects; spherical and aspherical design, in general, spherical and aspherical lenses of the same material and degree are compared with aspherical lenses. More natural and comfortable; refractive index, high refractive index lens mainly improves thickness, emphasizes beautiful and light, optimizes visual comfort, and different degrees are suitable for different lens refractive index. Color, now the color is widely used in the manufacture of lenses, colored glasses have a fashion sense that other lenses can not match, and are loved by young people with individuality.

The function of the lens is mainly achieved by the film layer. The film layer refers to a physical or chemical method on the surface of the spectacle lens, which is coated with a single layer or a plurality of optical films of a certain thickness, so that the lens obtains some new and excellent properties that are not originally possessed. Generally, the film can reduce the reflected light on the surface of the lens, clear the object, reduce the reflected light of the mirror surface, increase the light transmittance, solve the problem of wearing glasses under strong light, increase the beauty, and make the wearer’s eyes difficult. Fatigue, effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, and X-rays from harming the human eye.

There are many types of lenses on the market, and the choice of lenses is not absolute and should vary from person to person. Because only the one that suits you is good.


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