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During the summer days it is difficult without driving good sunglasses by car, because the sun often shines directly and indirectly into our eyes and can dazzle us. This is not only dangerous, it can also damage our eye health. The eyes are some of the most sensitive organs of our body and therefore it is of great importance to protect them accordingly.

Often, however, we buy sunglasses without first knowing exactly what criteria to choose. That’s why we at Optical H today give you some simple guidelines so that buying sunglasses will not become an odyssey.

With the arrival of the summer and the heat, our eyes are very sunburned and often we are unaware that we need to protect them like any other part of our body. But how? The best way is to use very high quality sunglasses. If you have vision problems, you can also purchase sun glasses with prescription glasses to maintain your eye health. We tell you how your sunglasses can protect your eyes in summer:

Good sunglasses always protect your eyes from UV rays. As you know, these ultraviolet rays are very harmful to the eye and especially if you have bright eyes or are on the beach or in the pool: an area where we will certainly be this summer. Water surfaces reflect the UV rays and these then reach us in greater intensity. Therefore you should not forget your sunglasses on the beach or on the water in general!

In addition, it can also protect your eyes from air conditioning. In the office, at home, in the car or in the hotel, we often enjoy the freshness of air conditioning in the summer to fight the heat, but your eyes will resent it. The air currents dry out the eyes, especially if you use contact lenses. Therefore, it is best to keep your eyes away from the sun and the air.

Some sunglasses can even protect your eyes from irritation caused by allergies. If you are allergic to certain things, then you will know that what suffers most, in the end, is your eyes. Glasses or sunglasses will help you to improve your condition.

Do not forget to wear your sunglasses all year round for optimal protection, but especially in the summer season, as eye problems increase by 25% during those months. However, if you do not own sunglasses or need a new one, you can buy them online to protect yourself perfectly this summer.

On the one hand there is the need to select the right filter. At the beginning it is recommended to choose glasses with an intermediate filter, because this will allow you to test whether you need darker or brighter glasses to drive well and enjoy a clear view.

Also, choose polarized sunglasses because they completely prevent reflected sunlight, avoiding glare.

The color of the lenses should be as natural as possible, so that the color of the objects you see on the street is hardly distorted. In this sense, it is recommended to use a pair of sunglasses whose glasses are in gray color.

As far as the shape of the glasses is concerned, curved models offer more protection from the light reflected from the sides.

Above all, it is important that you feel comfortable with the model you have chosen, and that it fits your nose, because that’s the mainstay of your glasses.


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