How to Choose Sunglasses for Face Shape in 2020?


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Here are some shapes of trendy sunglasses in 2020. For each of them, you will find some tips to know if the shape is suitable for your face. If you want to know more and to know the types of frames appropriate to your morphology. consult our article on the choice of glasses according to the shape of its face. Finally, do not hesitate to try sunglasses, a practical way to test different shapes while staying comfortably at home.

Round sunglasses

Glamorous, retro 30’s, intellectual or baba cool, round glasses express a certain character and style and it is no coincidence that they remain in the most worn forms for years. A star in the 70s, the round bezel has made a comeback in recent years and is still very present in the 2020 collections. In the retro trend. it will undoubtedly be the most vintage form in the spotlight these next seasons – even if the fashion has made them grow their size by making them cover half of the face: the round oversize glasses mark then their originality and a rather refined taste. They are found in thin or thick frames with dark or transparent sunglasses.

The Round Sunglasses for Men or Women often give a small trendy and friendly side, they give the envy of contact, communication, round creates empathy and sympathy! They are often worn by artists or intellectuals, we all have in mind the famous glasses of John Lennon or those of Harry Potter.

The round shape is recommended for long faces that want to soften their features or accentuate the softness of the face.
– It is particularly suitable for square or rectangular faces.
– Avoid for round faces unless you really want round.
– If you have rounded cheekbones, with round glasses bringing out the bulges, – –choose the oval shape instead.
– Also, watch out for the eyebrows, the very round sometimes goes up and can hide them by breaking the harmony.

Oval sunglasses

The oval sunglasses, a favorite form of the manufacturers, is everywhere, especially in women’s models, for their sensual lines, even if for a few years they have had some success on men’s frames … and for good reason! The oval shape unquestionably brings softness, a more youthful and less severe look. It highlights the face, brings a classy and relaxed look.
A square or very masculine face will be softened by an oval shaped bezel. The mount should be wide enough to “fill the square space”.
A round face with oval sunglasses for Women will give you a playful and childish look.
The oval shape, always in its desire to soften the angles, is particularly recommended with a rectangular or angular face.

Square Sunglasses

The square shape is rarer however it can be found more frequently this year because it is very trendy. It brings an air of seriousness, structure the face, gives character. It highlights the look.
Recommended for round, oval or triangular faces.

Rectangular sunglasses

It is a fairly classic form and remains the favorite of the great creators because of the many characters it can express: rigor, pragmatism, refinement, serious, strict and even glamorous. Rectangular glasses reinforce the voluntary side, the strength of character. They structure the face and accentuate the dynamism and personality, bring elegance, chic and a certain maturity.
Recommended for round faces that want to look serious or for oval faces that will be more harmonious.
The wide rectangle shape is appropriate for a long and thin face, it allows to widen the lines and to reduce the height of the face.

Pantos sunglasses

This very particular form was very popular in the artistic and cultural milieu of the 1940s. The shape of the sunglasses is round or oval and flattened on the upper part. The Pantos glasses have come back in recent years: here the retro glasses Paul & Joe take again the exact form of the bridge (the part which rests on the nose) which is related at the time to a key.



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