How to choose sunglasses in 2020?


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When we go to the plateau or during the hot summer
Effectively prevent UV rays from damaging our eyes, we usually choose a pair of better quality sunglasses. How do we choose sunglasses in 2020?


1. When we buy sunglasses, it is best to buy them in big glasses stores or supermarkets with good reputation and good faith. Because the large glasses supermarkets are more regular, the supply is more abundant, and the quality of sunglasses is more secure.

2, when choosing sunglasses in 2020, the first thing to look at is whether the surface of the sunglasses is flat, whether there are bubbles in the lens, the clarity of the lens is not very high. If the surface of the lens is not flat, there are bubbles in the lens. After the try-on, the lens is blurred and the clarity is not high. Generally, it is a poor quality lens. It is best not to buy such a lens, because if you wear such a lens, it will not only start. To protect against UV rays, it is also possible that after wearing it, our pupils will expand, allowing more UV rays to enter our eyes and causing more damage to our eyes.

3, when we choose sunglasses, it is best to look at the outer packaging of the glasses there is no uv logo, because the general UV-proof sunglasses have uv logo on it. Because sunglasses with uv logo generally have the function of blocking UV rays from entering our eyes.

4. If we usually wear myopia glasses, when we choose sunglasses, if the degree of myopia is not very deep, we can choose ordinary sunglasses. If our myopia is very deep and want to buy myopia sunglasses, we can customize myopia sunglasses in a more regular optical shop.

5, when we buy ordinary sunglasses, we can hold the sunglasses in the hand and move back and forth against a fixed target. If we find that the object has become larger or smaller during the movement, we can basically confirm that this is myopia sunglasses. It is best not to buy such sunglasses, because wearing such sunglasses often causes some damage to our vision.

6, when we buy sunglasses in 2020, it is best to try on, if you wear, there are other uncomfortable feelings such as dizziness, it is best not to buy. In addition, when choosing sunglasses, I think it is better to choose brown sunglasses, because the color of the sunglasses is not too deep, and the brown color absorbs ultraviolet light and blue light.

7. If you go to other places with high altitudes such as the plateau, because there is no melting snow in most places, we should choose polarized eyes when choosing sunglasses, because the polarized eyes have a seven-layer structure, which can effectively prevent The ultraviolet rays reflected in the snow damage our eyes.


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