How to choose the right pair of sunglasses


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1) The hue
An important thing to keep in mind when choosing your next sunglasses: it is not the hue or polarization that gives the protection is the anti-UV treatment that is integrated in the glasses. “The shade acts as a dimmer and the polarization reduces the light reflection on the surfaces a bit like a horizontal blind,” says Brousseau. In terms of hue, so is the wearer’s preference and activities. Some shades will tend to increase the contrast (for golfers for example) while others will not change the color balance.

2) Prescription glasses in solar
It is possible to put your prescription in a sunglasses! “All the prescriptions are done in solar now, progressive including”, specifies Karl. Some patients will prefer to have their contact lenses adjusted to be able to wear sunglasses to their liking.

3) UV 100%
Choose glasses that are 100% UV protected and do not neglect the category of protection.

4) Wrap-around bezel
Wrapped glasses are prioritized since they prevent UV rays from passing on the side.

* A little trick to make sure that the glasses are well polarized: Put two pairs of glasses against sense. You will only see black since both vertical and horizontal rays will be cut off.

Here are some suggestions:

The choice of sunglasses is not only aesthetic. They must above all protect our eyes from the sun. The impact of UV on our eyes is multiple and cumulative, so we avoid exposing ourselves to the sun without protection. The advantage of polarized sunglasses is that they offer additional protection over conventional models.


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