How to choose the right sunglasses?


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Tips for choosing sunglasses for summer
In the summer, the most necessary complement of all, of course, are sunglasses. Following the fashion trends, we can see a wide variety of forms and models, but, leaving aside their aesthetic character, we should always keep in mind how to protect our eyes from the ultraviolet radiation of the Sun.

The first thing to consider when choosing sunglasses?
The most important thing is that the glasses must have a CE certificate. Also, they must be identified by ISO EN 1836: 1997 and must protect the eyes to 100% from ultraviolet radiation (UV sign). You need to be careful, especially with glasses that are not sold in optics, as they can be fakes, to which a fake mark has been added.

The darker the glasses, so they are more reliable?
Not. This is a common misconception. Among the glasses with semi-transparent and dark glasses, light glasses can better protect our eyes if they have a better sunscreen than dark ones.

Any glasses can be used for any activity?
Glasses should always be selected based on the activity for which they will be used. If, for example, we choose too dark glasses in glasses, this can cause difficulties when driving a car.

How can we choose a good defense?
There are levels of protection from 0 to 4. Points 4 levels block the percentage of light above the rest. This should not be confused with a UV filter, which should always be 100%.

What should be considered when protecting the eyes of a child?
Because of their small age, children’s eyes have a higher light permeability. Compared to adults, children’s eyes have a higher percentage of penetration of UVA and UVB rays. In the case of adults, our lens filters some of these rays, but even here eye protection is still very important.

It is therefore very important not to use glasses acquired in non-specialized stores. There are glasses with high quality filters and at affordable prices that can adequately protect children’s eyes.

In any frame can I put the glass with diopters?
When we are looking for sunglasses, we always want them to fit us in the shape of our face, so that they are fashionable … But not all frames can be put on glasses with refraction. Therefore, it is advisable to immediately discuss your diopters in optics before choosing a frame.

What is polarized glass? Can we recommend them for protection from sunlight?
They are a special type of glass that helps to avoid reflections and the effect of a mirror with glasses, for example, when we see how water is reflected on the surface of certain metals. This function prevents eye fatigue, since there is no need for constant adaptation in changing the conditions of placement of light. Passing only the necessary amount of light, they provide a clearer and more contrasting vision.

And glass with light degradation? Can they also protect our eyes?
If the glasses have a good filter against ultraviolet rays, the glasses with degradation give rest to the eyes in their lower part of the glass. However, the same degradation, in case of reflection of bright light from the floor or other surfaces, will allow a higher penetration of the reflected rays into our eyes on the degraded part of the glasses, so be careful.


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