How to clean and maintain glasses?


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We wear glasses for a long time, and the lenses of the glasses are covered with dust and grease, which will accumulate in all corners of the glasses, including the slot between the frame and the lens, the pad area around the nose, and the frame fold. Long-term accumulation will affect our use, and the lens will become blurred. Next, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction on how to clean and maintain the glasses.

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Maintenance of glasses is a matter that cannot be ignored. The life of glasses depends largely on the maintenance of your glasses. The maintenance is good and the service life is extended. If you find uncomfortable, painful, dizzy, etc., it may be the cause of the deformation of the frame. In order not to affect your vision, you should adjust it in time.

In addition to being diligent and looking for problems, it is the smartest solution to ask for expert assistance immediately.

Collect glasses carefully
The method of placing the glasses should also form a fixed habit. First, wrap the lens with flannel cloth, then gather the left frame, and then gather the right frame. To prevent the glasses from being stressed, the glasses can be placed in the hard glasses collection box.

Security glasses to find experts
Newly equipped glasses, professional optometrists should be adjusted to the most comfortable position according to the principle of “optical point line surface”, but after the glasses are worn for a period of time or subjected to impact or squeezing, the frame will be deformed and distorted, you will not see It can be seen that if uncomfortable, painful, dazzling, etc. are found, the first type may be the cause of the deformation of the frame, and it is necessary to re-adjust the “dotted line”, which is a work that requires the assistance of a professional optometrist. It is recommended that you adjust to a regular professional optical shop.

Although glasses are small things, cleaning and maintenance can be very important. Unfortunately, many people only know a little about it. If it is light, it will damage the glasses, hinder the viewing, and accelerate the deterioration of vision.

Rinse with water (do not use hot water). You can rinse off the normal dust with clean water.

What should I do with oil?
For oil stains and fingerprint stains attached to the surface of the coating layer, we need to use a glasses cleaner. Do not use detergent. Detergent is for the washing of non-precious items such as tableware. Some of the chemical components contained in it have a strong corrosive effect on the coating layer and will penetrate into the coating for a long time. The internal reflective film will cause the coating layer to fall off; cleaning with some of the shampoo and shower gel will leave a layer of grease that will not be cleaned. Therefore, it is better to clean the ophthalmic lens with water or a special glasses cleaning solution.

Scrubbing method
After the lens is cleaned, it is washed away with a calm stream of water. What, there are water drops? The vertical lens (which sets the lens up) allows the water to flow evenly from both sides of the lens, moving the lens slowly, so that the lens “scans” the lens nearly parallel to the water column. With this method, there is usually no water droplets or any fingerprints on the lens so the lens will not be contaminated twice when it is dried. Just clean the remaining water droplets near the frame after cleaning. The whole journey is about 20-30 seconds.


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