How to do Wearing Makeup with glasses?


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It’s not easy to wear makeup when our eyes are hidden behind glasses or frames. Corrective lenses may slightly distort your perception of your eyes and eyes. Makeup must take into account these constraints and the advice will not be the same depending on whether you are hyperopic, presbyopic, or nearsighted.

Whatever the frame, wearing glasses will focus on our eyes. The eye area must be flawless: Eyebrows shaved and well brushed! Also, beware of matte eyes that can weigh down the eye. The glasses camouflage wonderfully dark circles! So you can replace your usual concealer that brings too much material against a very luminous point of corrector concealer.

What makeup if I’m farsighted or presbyopic?

Behind your glasses, the eyes look bigger. What a bargain! Enjoy it.

  • Use natural neutral tones, colors that are too colorful may affect the color of your eyes.
    • Make little makeup lashes. Use at least mascara, on the outer third of the upper part and on the lower eyelid only. Avoid the black “black”.

The golden rule: little mascara, but a fine and precise line of eyeliner or kohl cream flush with the upper lashes. The big class what.

A small tip for presbyopes: To facilitate the makeup operation when you are presbyopic, there are “makeup glasses”. They are magnifying glasses whose lenses alternate or rotate. Practical, they allow to put on an eye while looking through the magnifying glass of the other eye.

Behind your glasses, the eyes look smaller.
• Use color in your eyeshadow.
• Draw the line of the eye with a pencil or eye-liner, with a clean and thin line, on the outer corner of the eye, stretched to the maximum: Enlarge your eyes!
• Make up the eyelashes to the outside.

The trick: A little white pencil at the bottom, flush with the eyelashes, to illuminate and enlarge the eyes.

Which colors to choose?

To get a nice makeup with glasses, you can harmonize the color of your makeup with that of your mounts or your eyes.

For a black or dark mount:
• Black mascara and very colorful lips
• Unmasked lips, a line of black eyeliner or smoky eye

For a colorful mount:
• Black mascara and unmasked lips
• Natural lips and eye makeup with neutral shades: black, gray, bronze.

Makeup with contact lenses:

We can obviously continue to wear makeup with lenses: the pencil, eye shadow, and mascara are no problem, for against it are better to avoid the pencil inside the eye.

  • Always put your lenses first. As with any manipulation of the lenses, you must wash your hands before.
  • Use a perfume-free, oil-free or waterproof make-up so that it does not run in the eyes. In general, you should avoid anything that could clog the lenses: powdery makeup, glitter or creams.
    • Remove your lenses before removing any makeup.
    • Regularly change your products (eye shadows, mascara or eyeliner) as they can deteriorate over time and create allergies.
    • Be aware that there are makeup products specifically designed for wearing contact lenses.


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