How to match face and glasses


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Glasses is a must-have tool for fashionistas, but this tool is used with half the effort. If you don’t use it well, then it’s awkward, because glasses really have to be carefully selected, especially with face.

Round face
The round face is characterized by a rounded cheek, a rounded forehead, and a wide, chin-round circle. Cute is cute, but always cute and a bit greasy.

Long face
The typical long face is not high forehead, the jaw is more realistic, and the chin is longer. The round glasses can be more close to the people. The wide nose and dark temples can alleviate the long line. Especially the wide-side, large-frame glasses can cover the lower part of the face more, so it is recommended that long-faced people can wear such glasses.

Elliptical face
The widest part of this face is located in the frontal bone area and is smoothly and evenly retracted to both the forehead and the chin. The range of glasses that can be selected is quite wide.

Square face
This face is characterized by a wide forehead. The face is sharp and angular, the jaw area is taller and wider, the side of the face is not obvious, and the face is square. Wearing round or oval glasses will make the contours of the face appear softer. Wearing a brightly colored metal frame also eliminates this stiff feeling.

Polygonal face
The angular shape of the face is ideal for round and oval frames, which can alleviate harder lines. A streamlined eyeglass can better compensate for the defect that the lower collar is sharper and shorter.

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