How To Pick Sunglasses That Are Too Cool for Hipsters


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The hipster style has increased more and more in recent years. In addition, it is now no longer associated with only a particular part of the population, the products with this style have gotten a firm place with all possible looks and outfits.

And how exactly does a hipster-style eyewear look like? Well, we often combine the style by wearing accessories or clothing with the typical look of the 50s or 70s. This trend began around the year 2000 in New York, when young people from the upper social strata showed a great interest in art, fashion and culture over the past decades.

The hipster fashion trend is often seen in the context of alternative fashion and urban style, he goes against the classic fashion style. We often see the connection to the Bohemian designs, where used clothes are combined with new looks.

When we talk about the hipster style as a trend in the fashion world, there were several types of appearance. On the one hand, women wear a look that is peculiar, extravagant and unusual in comparison to classic fashion.

Models of hipster glasses

Hipster eyewear models are generally unisex and therefore suitable for women and men at the same time, among which especially the plastic eyeglasses stand out. Other essential designs are models that have a wayfarer or round eyeglass frame. On the other hand, these products are characterized by striking colors and original designs.

You can find eyeglass frames of this style in a variety of brands such as Olivers People, Carrera and Epic. Here we meet for you a selection of the most innovative products of these brands.

Very often we find within the product catalog of the hipster glasses the designs of the nerd glasses, which were marked at the beginning by a thick, rectangular and large spectacle frame made of plastic in black. With the advances and new technologies in fashion, these models have changed and can now be found in a round shape and in an infinite number of colors.

In recent years, another style has become more and more famous, which was born under the hipster glasses, the aviator or aviator sunglasses. One of the brands most associated with this type of design is Ray Ban. In her last collection you can choose between several products that give a very modern look despite the vintage touch. Here are some examples below.

On the other hand, round shapes with eye-catching colors are an essential element for this style. Eyewear models such as the Havaianas Floripa with a frame made of transparent and yellow plastic, as well as half-mirrored golden lenses.

New collection of Sunglass hut usa eyeglasses 2019

Sunglass hut usa presents her eyeglasses collection for women 2019 with colorful and daring designs. These combine timeless elegance with modern styles.

This season we see the most popular models in the forms: Round, Aviator and 60s style. The brand collects a variety of eyeglass frames, among which you will surely find one that fits perfectly with you and your wishes.

New collection 2019
This eyewear manufacturer also has a wide selection of sunglasses where you can find the models that best suit your taste. Here we try to make the search a little easier by choosing some of the most interesting and eye-catching glasses for you.

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