How to Take Care of Sunglasses?


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Take care of sunglasses Method in 2019

Sunglass hut USA Tips: Take care of your sunglasses, it will seem easier to see with clarity and precision. The good performance of your glasses allows you to enjoy a daily wearing comfort and an optimal quality of vision. Also, do not hesitate to go to your optician for adjustment control or to use sunglasses care kit and maintain your sunglasses. Even if your corrective glasses are in perfect condition, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist regularly.

Optical Prescription Sunglasses

In 2019, optical sunglasses are real small -miracles of technology. If you want to enjoy your glasses for as long as possible, it is not only important to take good care of them, but also to protect them from damage caused by harmful external factors. However, it will be very important to commit to taking care of your glasses lenses by treating them reasonably. In fact, improper handling of high-tech glasses with a modern design may cause scratches or other damage. These glasses may become less clear. It becomes more difficult to see through and the vision becomes less clear. The following tips may be helpful to prevent such damage from occurring.

Properly care for your sunglasses

– The proper care of your glasses begins as soon as they are taken in hand: be attentive in your slightest manipulations. Use both hands to put on and take off your sunglasses.
– When you do not wear your sunglasses, fold their branches, then put them in a safe place, never on the glasses side. And before putting them in a bag or pocket, place them in a hard, clean case.
– For optimal vision quality, it is important to clean your lenses regularly. Do not hesitate to talk to your optician to show you what to do.

Use a microfiber cleaning cloth

For the daily maintenance of your glasses, it is important to use only microfiber cleaning cloths sold in optical shops of prescription sunglasses where dust and dirt hang easily.
This process, known as dry cleaning, removes particles of dirt and dust and its advantage is that it can be achieved at any time of the day, even when you move. If glasses are dirtier, the first thing to do is to wash them with slightly warm water. A drop of dishwashing liquid increases the efficiency of this cleaning process, but be careful not to use oily soaps that can leave greasy deposits on the glass causing irritation. Spray cleaners, available at opticians, are also very effective. After being spray-cleaned, glasses lenses can be wiped with a special cloth for glasses.

Do not use clothes to wipe sunglasses

Eyeglass lenses do not like T-shirts, jumpers and other textiles. So, even though this option is the easiest and the most tempting, it’s never a good idea to wipe your glasses with your clothes. The risk of scratching the glasses is high and the damage is irreversible.

Beware of high or low temperatures

High temperatures are also one of the things optical lenses do not like. Do not place near a heat source (computer, radiator, oven, hairdryer …).Therefore, in both summer and winter, you should never leave your glasses in direct sunlight. In particular, you must avoid leaving them on the dashboard of your car or placing them on a radiator. The cold of the winter months can also damage your glasses: the glasses can be damaged if they are exposed to very low temperatures.

Care for Polarized Sunglasses

– Never leave the Polarized sunglasses exposed to the sun, keep them in their case and in a safe place. We say this because many people put their sunglasses inside the bag and without protection, which upon contact with the keys, wallet and other things, will cause the glass to scratch. If the sunglasses are mirrored, it is easier to scratch them. Take good care of Polarized sunglasses, and store them in the cover that we attach with all our models.

– Polarized sunglasses where they are best are put or inside their case, but if for whatever reason you take them off and leave them on a table, and although it is a no-brainer, leave them to face up, looking at the sun. They can be scratched, and especially mirrored lenses, which have a film that can come off.

– My polarized sunglasses got dirty, Inside the box, they carry a cloth/chamois to be able to clean them. We advise to clean them directly if they are only dirty from the touch of the hands. But if they are dirty makeup, sunscreen or something similar, you should clean them with warm water. After drying with a cotton cloth, and finally use the suede that comes with your glasses.

– Do not play it, your polarized sunglasses, especially mirrored, are sensitive. You have to take care of them. Do not use glass cleaner or hand soap and much fewer substances with alcohols. If the lens is mirrored, the mirror effect will surely disappear and therefore lose its appeal. So some water and your cloth that we attach in Sunglass hut polarized sunglasses.


Just like taking care of your eyes every day, it’s also important to handle them properly. This sounds obvious, but here again is valuable advice. You should never put your glasses on the side of the glasses box. Instead, fold them and place them so they rest on the mount. Also, to avoid the annoyance of having to look for his glasses, it is recommended to always put them in the same place. It will then be easy to find them. Seats, chairs, and sofas are of course totally unsuitable places to put on glasses because it is just easy to sit on it accidentally.


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