How to Take Care of Your Eyeglasses


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  • Fluids and sprays cleaners. Designed specifically for the care of glasses and other optics. In addition to the fact that they are able to remove even the most complex of pollution, without damaging the surface of the glass, they also have antistatic properties.
  • In addition, these fluids contain special chemical compounds that can easily cope with greasy stains and handprints. Purchase such liquids only in proven optics stores to protect yourself from counterfeiting.
  • In addition to the spray, buy a soft cloth, preferably microfiber. In our salon, for example, they cost only 80 tenge. It perfectly removes dirt from the glasses and does not leave stains on the glasses.
  • This cloth is convenient to wipe glasses during the day. Such a napkin should also be kept clean, as it absorbs dust from the glasses and is quickly contaminated. Keep it in a case and it will remain clean.
  • Never use the available tools for cleaning glasses glasses: the edge of a terry towel or handkerchief, even if they seem very soft to you. These fabrics may be too harsh for glasses and may leave micro-scratches on them, and such cleaning is simply not recommended for coated or UV-filter lenses.
  • Napkins. In many optics, in addition to glasses, you may be offered to purchase disposable cleaning wipes. These napkins are made from super soft fiber, which not only does not injure the glass, but also removes dirt even from its micropores.
  • Napkins are impregnated with a solution of alcohol, which quickly cleans the glass surface and leaves no stains. In addition, wipes have antibacterial properties, which undoubtedly gives a great advantage over other cleaning agents. And finally, such antibacterial wipes can be used in any situation and in any place, so that they are simply indispensable for people leading an active lifestyle.
  • Warm soapy water is a great way to cope with dirt on lenses and frames. Use a mild detergent (shampoo, shower gel), a mild dishwashing liquid is perfect, as it dissolves grease well, and also further protects the lenses from fogging.
  • To wash glasses, use water at room temperature. Too hot or, on the contrary, too cold water can adversely affect the lenses (especially plastic in sunglasses). For cleaning nasooporov and fastenings of the bows are perfect cotton swabs.
  • In order to keep your glasses safe and sound, store them in a special case or instrument.
  • The case – as well as the glasses – must be regularly maintained. It must be perfectly clean, otherwise, in a case crammed with crumbs and dust, the glasses will become unusable.
  • For people leading an active lifestyle, a strap or a chain for glasses is a real find. The glasses on the strap will not be lost and will not be broken, in addition, the strap is a stylish accessory for originals.

    In order for the glasses to last you longer, handle them extremely delicately.

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