James Bond: 50 years of style


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For 50 years, 24 films, many exotic destinations, dozens of gorgeous girls, twenty super bad guys, and countless martini vodka, James Bond has not only stayed alive but has become the symbol of the gentleman accomplished. Whatever the car, the gadgets or the suit, Bond never misses.

On the occasion of the exhibition JAMES BOND, 007 exhibition, 50 years of Bond style, we suggest you to review the different styles of glasses that the secret agent has worn, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig.

In the very first 007, James Bond 007 vs. Dr. No (1962), Sean Connery does not wear sunglasses. Indeed, the only pair that can be seen on the screen is carried by his American partner, Felix Leiter. The exact model is not known, but it would be unusual to see this cat-eye shape worn by a man these days!

In the next James Bond, Good Kissing from Russia (1963), the super spy himself wears a pair of sunglasses, although the first time we see him with is inside the famous Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, not really suited. For the general culture, this pair is the “Consul” model of the Oliver Goldsmith brand, still manufactured today!

In Operation Thunder (1965), James Bond appears wearing one of the first examples of polarized lenses: the Polaroid Cool Ray N135. As for all the gadgets used by 007 over the years, he is always at the forefront of technology.

We do not know why, but the sunglasses have practically disappeared from the James Bond universe for the next 20 years, although they come back to the forefront in 1985 with Dangerously Yours. The very rare Willy Bogner 7003 Eschenbach make an appearance at the beginning of the film, when 007 is in Siberia. Later, disguised as “James St. John Smythe” in the field of his enemy in the north of France, Bond wears a custom Persol pair that allows him to see through a tinted window.

We make a leap forward until the Pierce Brosnan period, and GoldenEye (1995). In this film, the spy wears a pair of Persol that is no longer manufactured today, the 2611-S, during his trip to Cuba.

In The World Is Not Enough (1999), sunglasses once again play an active role in the plot of the film. This time, it’s a pair of custom glasses with blue lenses (ANT BLUE 50X19, if you ask the question). In the casino scene, James Bond uses them to discover through X-rays the different weapons of his enemies in the room. In the same movie, the spy wears a pair of 2007 Calvin Klein models during a ski chase.

Pierce Brosnan’s latest film, Die Another Day (2002), returns Bond to Cuba, again with Persol (the most famous color palette at Persol is Havana, mere coincidence?). This model, the Persol 2672, was specially created for the film, and the brand claimed that these glasses were specifically designed to match the personality of the character, both elegant and sophisticated.

Although the next film in the series, Casino Royale (2006), welcomes a new actor, Daniel Craig, to endorse the costume of 007, Bond remains faithful to Persol for the choice of his glasses. In the first part of the film, the spy wears the model 2244 which has a metallic rectangular shape and in the second part, the 2720, more classic, special edition outputs for the film.

In Quantum of Solace (2008), the exact model worn by Bond was the subject of heated debate among fans of 007, as the Tom Ford 108 appearing in the film seem to be the identical replica of an older Oliver Peoples model. , Airman, which is no longer marketed. Legend has it that the production originally chose the Airman, but Tom Ford, who already had a contract to create the James Bond costumes in the film, made a copy of the model (the Tom Ford 108), Daniel Craig will carry in the end .

The partnership with Tom Ford continues for Skyfall (2012). Nevertheless, this time it is not a special edition produced for the film but a standard model of the brand, the MARKO sunglasses (FT0144), which are still available.

In the latest James Bond to date, Specter (2015), Daniel Craig is again wearing Tom Ford sunglasses, the SNOWDON (FT0237).

In addition to the Tom Ford glasses, Bond is wearing a pair of Vuarnet Glacier, a revisited pilot-form pair with leather inserts on the sides.

The exhibition James Bond, 007 will take place from April 16th to September 4th at the big hall of La Villette in Paris.


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