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Keira Knightley – one of the most talented and promising actresses of our time. At 33, she starred in about 50 films, has two Oscar nominations and numerous awards. In this article we talk about the life path of Keira Knightley, as well as about her fashionable images. Enjoy reading!

The future actress was born in 1985 in the British city of Teddington. Her parents are theater and film actors Will Knightley and Sherman MacDonald. Their talent for drama passed on to Cyrus: in her early childhood she was determined to become an actress. At eleven years old, the girl played cameo roles in several television series, and made her film debut two years later in the movie “Village Business”. Her first serious work was the Star Wars episode. Kira played Saba, the twin of Queen Amidala, who was the character of Natalie Portman. But the long-awaited popularity of the actress received, playing a role in a series of films “Pirates of the Caribbean” with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Thanks to the star composition, exciting soundtrack, colorful costumes and special effects, the cinema received positive feedback from viewers and film critics. Subsequent leading roles of Kira in the films Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, and Anna Karenina only fixed her name on Hollywood Olympus. Since 2013, Keira Knightley has been married to British musician James Ryton. In 2015, the couple had a daughter, Edie.

Keira Knightley is not only a gifted actress, but also an icon of style and model. From 2011 to the present, she is the face of the fashion house Chanel. Her images inspire girls around the world, let’s consider some of them.

Actress bows in sunglasses
For publication, Cyrus chooses elegant classic outfits. For example, in the photo below you can see it in a sky-blue dress with a massive collar. This style sunglasses of 2019 with a rim of a delicate shade that resemble Inface in Love IF9782.

At the Venice Festival, the actress donned a dark blue dress with buttons and a belt. This outfit perfectly emphasizes the slim silhouette of a girl. A complement to the image became glasses in the form of “cat’s eye”. If you like an accessory like Kira Knightley, take a look at Sunglass hut usa  PR 14US.

On weekdays, like most British women, the actress prefers simple and comfortable clothes. Walking through London, she does not forget to wear sun glasses, which even make an everyday look more stylish. Those who are inspired by this bow, we advise you to look at the model Boss Orange BO 0311 / S.

Keira Knightley in glasses for sight
Sometimes the actress can be seen in fashionable frames. As a child, she wore special glasses for reading, and now the rims for Kira are just an image accessory. She goes round model, similar to PULL & BEAR PBG1760, is not it?

Also Keira Knightley prefers frames in Wayfarer style. This accessory emphasizes the expressive features of the face of the actress. If you like these concise glasses, pay attention to Savannah 8121.

Interesting facts about the actress

  • Kira was named after the famous figure skater Kira Ivanova.
  • However, her mother made a mistake and recorded when registering, not Kira, but Keira.
  • The girl does not like to watch movies with him. She admitted this in an interview.
  • From 2003 to 2005, the actress met Jamie Dornan, who gained worldwide fame thanks to the lead role in the trilogy of “50 shades of gray.”
  • Keira Knightley owns playing the piano and flute, and for the sake of the movie “For Once in Life” she learned to play the guitar. During her career, the actress “tried on” various interesting images.

You can see this by watching the video below

At the end of 2019 with Kira Knightley, two films will be released: “The Collet,” as well as “The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms”. We look forward to see the brilliant play of the actress in these motion pictures.


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