Michael Weston Burn Notice Sunglasses in 2020


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In 2019, Fashion, retro, sport …, we all want to find the ideal pair that will highlight our face often forgetting the main purpose of sunglasses: the protection of our eyes. Because without dazzling and without realizing it, ultraviolet rays can be very dangerous and responsible for very serious burns to the eyes. In particular, for the clearest, those of children and the elderly.

So when choosing a pair of sun, it is essential to use other selection criteria than the aesthetic and the price to avoid a burn of the cornea or the appearance of cataracts that causes a decline in the sun.

Do you know Sunglasses Does Michael Weston Wear On Burn Notice?  Burn notice is a hit American television action drama series. This series is about a spy ‘Michael Weston’, who is disavowed by the U.S government and helps other people, who are in trouble, using his special training.

Oliver Peoples Burn Notice 1

Jeffrey Donovan plays the character Michael Weston. His sunglasses are really famous and sought by one and all. He is mostly seen wearing “Victory by Oliver Peoples” sunglasses, which is made of titanium and comes with a golden frame. The size of his lens is 55 and the color is cognac. They are polarized, so in some photos they appear redder in color. They are not photo-sensitive, which means they do not darken in sunlight. These sunglasses are made with polycarbonate safety lens. The Victory sunglasses are described by Oliver Peoples as “double-bridge square aviator, made from high quality metal designed with a straight brow bar”. He can be seen wearing these pairs of sunglasses in almost all the episodes of Burn Notice. Aviator sunglasses have large lens to cover the eyes and they come with dark reflective lens. They come with a very thin metal frame and the lens is slightly convex.


The lead actress, Gabrielle Anwar who plays the character Fiona Glenanne is known for her style. She is seen wearing various kinds of sunglasses, but most of the times she is found wearing a pair of Dolce & Gabbana 8018 sunglasses. It is a burned brown oversized frame with brown gradient lens. Gradient lens have a lighter shade at the bottom moving from a darker shade at the top. This sort of lens can even be worn indoors and are also advantageous for activities such as flying airplanes and while driving automobiles. She also wears a Burberry BE4004. This is also an oversized sunglass, which comes with different colors.

Persol Bruce Campbell sunglasses 2019

Bruce Campbell, who plays the role of Sam Axe in this series, wears Persol 2833 sunglasses. It is a Havana frame with brown lenses. This type of sunglasses looks great with any sort of outfit.


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