Moriarty in glasses Ray-Ban: the style of the heroes of the series Sherlock


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The iconic British TV series appeared on screens in 2010 and has since won the love of fans around the world. Sherlock is a modern interpretation of the familiar story of the legendary detective and his friend Dr. Watson. Points of heroes, as well as interesting facts – further in the article.

About the series The main characters of Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories are postponed in our time: they have smartphones, Internet and GPS. In Sherlock Holmes, Benedict Cumberbatch (also known by the series “The End of the Parade” and “Patrick Melrose”) reincarnated, and Dr. John Watson was played by Martin Freeman. The familiarity of the characters turned out to be unusual: Sherlock immediately guesses about Watson’s biography (for example, about his service in Afghanistan) using the deduction method. As a result, the detective and the doctor settled on Baker Street in the house of an elderly lady, Mrs. Hudson. Together they uncover complex cases and murders, full of secrets and mysteries, often risking their lives.

The creators of the series say that the previous versions of them seemed too conservative and boring. They decided to pull out of the books of the Victorian era of the present Sherlock. In the series, the detective is presented full of wit, sarcasm and charisma, with a laptop and a nicotine patch instead of tweed suits and a hat. Sometimes coldness and genius make Sherlock look like a psychopath, but throughout the series we are convinced that he knows how to be friends and to love. The creators of the TV show did not forget about the main villain: Jim Moriarty appears regularly in episodes, threatening the life of Holmes. Who will win this fight? You will learn when viewing 🙂.

Points and character style Sherlock’s appearance is fully consistent with his image of an intellectual. He is dressed in basic but elegant clothes: coats, suits and shirts. Despite the fact that he does not wear glasses, in one of the scenes his style is complemented by a rectangular frame. For Holmes fans, we have good news: you can transform into Sherlock with the help of the budget model Infinity A6691.

Moriarty in the series often resembles a tough guy than an evil killer. He likes to appear effectively and unexpectedly and always looks at one hundred percent. Ray-Ban RB3025 sunglasses make his look stylish and fully appropriate for the type of supervillain.

In this legendary scene, Moriarty epically comes out of the helicopter to the song of the group Queen – I Want To Break Free. His elegant navy blue suit complemented the round dark glasses, similar to Ray-Ban RB3447N.

Mrs. Hudson appears on the screen in the form of a lovely lady who cares for Sherlock and Dr. Watson. But throughout the series, we understand that she is able not only to stand up for herself, but also to handle weapons. It can often be seen in round horn-rimmed glasses, which resemble the Givenchy GV 0045.

Amazing facts about the TV series Shooting

“Sherlock” did not occur on Baker Street 221B due to the large number of tourists and Holmes signs. The apartment of the great detective was rented in the Bloomsbury district of London. Sherlock’s parents in one of the episodes were played by the real parents of Benedict Cumberbatch, who are also actors. To track down the filming location, the fans of the series launched a hashtag on Twitter – #Setlock. Sometimes it was very difficult for the shooting process, because more than 300 people came to the location! The story of Sherlock and Dr. Watson is one of the most ekraniziruemyh in cinema. This video compares as many as 10 images of Sherlock, among which are American and Soviet incarnations.

All fans of “Sherlock” worried about the release date of season 5. Even the creators of the series themselves do not know the answer to this question, since the shootings froze indefinitely. In anticipation of good news, we propose to review the British TV show again. This is the case when you really want to erase the memory and enjoy the show, like the first time.


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