Need to wear sunglasses in the summer?


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Many fashion workers choose to wear a pair of cool sunglasses in the hot summer months to enhance their fashion. But many people will think, do I need a pair of sunglasses in the summer? I don’t need a concave shape.

Is sunglasses really needed? Normal eyes can adapt themselves to light. The main reason for wearing colored glasses is that the eyes are uncomfortable, and the eyes are exposed to strong sunlight for a long time at work. “The ability to tolerate glare is different. If you are squinting or crying in the hot sun, then you should wear sunglasses,” an ophthalmologist advised. Strong light damages the eyes. A person who often activities under the scorching sun will reduce his night vision by half, so if you are walking long distances or wearing sunglasses on the beach.

However, unless you are wearing dark glasses as specified by the ophthalmologist due to pathology, do not wear dark glasses for the purpose of expressing alcoholism or disguising your eye problems. The Hong Kong Consumer Council’s publication has warned that it is addictive to wear sunglasses often and unnecessarily. If you want to wear it during the day, you will feel very uncomfortable. Will cheap sunglasses hurt your eyes?

Answer: Very likely. Cheap colored lenses are blown, not ground. Blowing glass is inevitable.

There are substandard sunglasses for sale everywhere. The retailer said that these problems are very minor and will not be discovered by ordinary people. This statement is plausible. When the problem is mild, the eye muscles can adapt to it, and the constant adaptation will result in muscle and nerve fatigue. Of course, if you are just doing the sun, the eyes don’t have to work, the problem will not be so serious. However, if you want to work outdoors, such as building, reading, playing tennis, driving in the hot sun, your eyes will go up and down, from near to far, the entire range of lenses, then continue to go Adapting to a pair of poor quality lenses can be difficult.


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