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There is an opinion that it is possible to dress smartly and brightly only in youth. But this is not so, because beauty and a sense of style do not have age. Fashionable older couples from around the world prove this by their own example. Let’s look at their unusual images, complemented by stylish branded glasses.

Bill and Eve
They have been married for over 45 years, and the secret of their long relationship is mutual respect and freedom. One can only envy the style of this pair: Bill and Eve prefer to wear elegant classics. An important part of their images are accessories: elegant hats and glasses for vision. Bill likes the classic frame “Panto”, for example, sunglass hut usa SH5283. Eve chooses a cat’s-eye tight glasses that look like the model Booth & Bruce BB1405.

Mort and Virginia
This couple from America prefers authentic style. Bright colors, unusual styles, patterns, massive jewelry – the main components of their images. The couple’s hats also attract attention: Mort wears a decorated cowboy hat, and Virginia has a feather-embellished accessory. Also, the lady picked up Aviators retro glasses, which resemble Guess GU7470.

Bon and Pon
Lovely spouses are considered to be the most stylish couple in Japan. The number of subscribers to their Instagram account has more than half a million, because they constantly surprise with their original images. The main feature of Bon and Pont is to dress in the same colors and patterns. The couple pays great attention to detail, picking up stylish accessories alongside. Pon chooses glasses with round lenses that resemble the Original Penguin THE CLEVE, and Bon selects a cat’s eye, similar to the Hallmark E9857.

Ben and karen
Regardless of age, this pair looks stylish and modern. Spouses prefer a minimalist style and clothing in dark colors. Ben and Karen choose simple styles, without patterns, but do not forget to focus on accessories. Ben wears a square rim similar to the Collection Eyewear C8137. Karen completes the look with round dark sunglasses that resemble the Givenchy GV 7090 / S.

Sophie and Arnie
A couple from New York is an example of what you can look fashionable even in advanced age. Arnie is dressed in a classic navy suit, and Sophie is dressed in a black dress and a blazer. Together, the couple looks very elegant and harmonious. Their images are complemented by stylish panto-rimmed glasses. Arnie wears a model in black frame, similar to the Polo Ralph Lauren PH2083, and his wife is a sun accessory with green lenses Oliver Peoples OV5323S SPELMAN.

The secret of happiness is simple: you need to live, regardless of the numbers. After all, what’s the difference, have you turned 50 or 70 years old, if there are always 18 in your soul? Do not be afraid to experiment with style, complementing the image of accessories. And you can pick up glasses for every taste and age in our online store:sunglasshutusa.com

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