Polarized Sunglasses advantages and disadvantages


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Whatever their style, fashion or sport, more and more sunglasses offer polarized lenses. What exactly is this? What are the real benefits of these glasses? Can we use them in all circumstances? Some elements of answer.

The light waves move in all directions: when they are reflected on a flat surface (water, road, snow, etc.), their vibration axis is changed.

It’s the reverb principle that dazzles.

The so-called “polarized” light is one that

vibrate only in the direction that suits you. So by eliminating all the stray light waves, we greatly improve the visibility and the contrasts are improved.

Ideal on the water

The seaside is where the benefits of polarized glass are most convincing: by eliminating reverberation on the water, it improves visual acuity and reduces fatigue.

Polarized glasses are also very useful for skiing or under certain driving conditions.

Why certain conditions? see the disadvantages:

Polarized sunglasses Lens protect you from dazzling reflective surfaces by reorienting the light … as some car windows do, so you may be surprised to see rainbow eyes in the light of a diffraction of light. Seeing the rainbow is not too embarrassing, it can even be very nice finally.

By cons your smartphone or car stereo use liquid crystal that may be more difficult to see with your polarized glasses.


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