Solar sunglasses under sunlights thanks to sunglasshutusa


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The Solar brand is back on the scene, with a superb collection of trendy sunglasses and “New Sunsation”. Thanks to the brand sunglasshutusa who just bought it at the beginning of the year, Solar makes a remarkable return after a long absence. Indeed, the brand had its first hours of glory during a good thirty years, since the 60s. And it was very popular with great skiers like Guy Périllat, but also celebrities like Jackie Kennedy photographed in 1978, with a Pair of Solar on the cover of Paris Match.

Today, the range is fully revamped trendy and affordable. It will be easy to choose your model of the summer, without asking too many questions for the choice because the collection is simple with some flagship models. And besides if you hesitate, take several!


This is the remarkable feature of Solar glasses, they are equipped with polarizing lenses at affordable prices. And these polarized lenses can reduce glare and eliminate annoying reflections especially on water and snow. You will then have a better perception of shapes and reliefs as well as higher contrasts that allow a good comfort of vision.

Sport and Urban style collection
Ideal for keeping up with fashion at a low price, the new collection is easy-going with a range of Solar sunglasses, available in Urban Style or Sport, to wear both in the city and in the mountains. The range offers 21 models in total, with a men’s line and models Malcom, Portillo, Isaac, Prince and Stewart, and a woman line, Grace, Janis, Cox, Malcom, Fashion. Finally, a mini-collection “Legacy” is the good idea of ​​Solar, with old models updated, in memory of the iconic glasses of the brand for a retro-chic look, we love it!


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