Summer chooses polarized sunglasses and unpolarized sunglasses


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With the arrival of summer, more and more fashionable men and women wear sunglasses, which is not only a kind of clothing decoration but also plays a role in maintaining the eyes. So how do you pick out the sunglasses that I like from the dazzling sunglasses market?

1. The UV protection is very important
Wearing sunglasses in addition to adding glare to comfort, so that the eyes are comfortable, the most important purpose is to avoid UV damage to the eyes, and the color of the lens and UV protection are two different things, even if the lens is dark, it may not be effective against UV, so Be sure to choose a lens that is labeled for UV protection sunglasses. Usually, the UV index of sunglasses is between 96% and 98%.

2. Different color functions are different
After the color of the sunglasses is filtered, the color seen by the eyes is different from the illumination. If you choose a black lens, it is not impossible, but you must have a clear traffic light when you drive.

(1) Gray lenses can be very ineffective to reduce the intensity of light without affecting the illuminance of the color.
(2) Brown glasses can enhance some color contrast and obstruct blue light, so the brighter the day, the better the brown, like Snow.
(3) Yellow/amber is a yellower color than brown. It can enhance the color contrast at a large level. It simply blocks all the blue light. When you want to identify the traffic lights, don’t choose this color.
(4) White and orange are suitable for cloudy winter days.
(5) Purple is suitable for people who want to hunt on green grass.
(6) The copper color can match the color of the sky and the grass at the same time, suitable for golf.
(7) Blue and green can enhance the yellow illuminance, suitable for playing tennis.

3. Choose the lens material
There are three kinds of lens materials, and all three have excellent defects.
NXT polyurethane lenses are impact resistant, flexible, lightweight, and have great optical clarity, but are expensive.
Polycarbonate is easy to scratch and has less optical clarity than NXT polyurethane, but it is cheaper.
Acrylic is also cheap, but it is the least durable and the most versatile.

4, choose the shape of the sunglasses according to the face type
Round face: The round-faced girl is suitable for a square frame, and the less exaggerated cat’s eye and bow-shaped frame are suitable. Taboo choose a round or light, sophisticated model. A frame slightly wider than the face frame is most suitable.
Elliptical face: This type of face is not a model. It’s just that it’s not too flat.
Square face: The square face always gives a very tough feeling. The slightly rounded square makes the outline look softer and can weaken the tough line. Therefore, the side of the sunglasses should be thick and wide, so that it can express the graceful lines and reach the beauty of the face.
Peach heart face: The girl wia the heart-shaped face is actually quite cheap, and it doesn’t take too much thought when choosing sunglasses, but the most suitable shape-shaped face is the cat-eye type sunglasses, exaggerated style, want the angular design. It is very good!

First, the difference between sunglasses polarized light and non-polarized light
The difference between sunglasses polarized light and non-polarized light lies in the treatment of reflected light by such sunglasses. In the environment we live in, there are three kinds of light: direct light, reflected light and diffused light. The diffuse light is not usually perceived by us, but it is the most important kind of light that our eyes can see. Direct light, because it has a fixed light source (such as the sun), just pays attention to it, it will not harm our lives. These reflexes, which are rare in life, often reflect light in a sudden way, bringing us a lot of convenience in our lives. For example, the rear-view mirror is an indeterminate reflection source. The water surface on the road or the lubricated three-dimensional object carried by the passerby can be a reflection source. These reflected lights can bother the driver’s driving and even It is a risk.

Polarized sunglasses are designed to reflect the glare of the past so that it can be used to prevent vertigo, and travel in summer will make the field of vision clearer and more visual fatigue. The lens without polarized light is exactly the opposite, so the price of the polarizer is much more expensive than the unpolarized one.

Second, the secondary use of polarizers
The secondary use of polarizers is to protect the eyes from damage under certain conditions. However, for people who are not very demanding, you can use ordinary sunglasses, because polarized sunglasses are absolutely high-end in sunglasses. Of course, if you are a car owner who needs to drive, it is best to wear polarized sunglasses when driving.

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