Sunglass hut usa sunglasses: lightness and efficiency


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New arrival in the range of speed sunglasses at sunglasshutusa: the Aero is perfectly designed for the practice of Trail Running. It was created to answer without compromise, the requirements of the amateurs of intense efforts. The Sunglass hut usa are built around a single-screen glass that ensures an extra wide field of view without any hindrance to the frame. The models with the famous Zebra glass will bring you comfort of vision whatever the light conditions. sunglasshutusa also thought to make them as light and ventilated as possible, so as not to feel them on your face. To do this, the suspended construction of the frame allows the glass to be incredibly ventilated, not impeding the passage of air between the glasses and your face. Finally, so that these glasses stay on your head, the concept Air Link with the damping insert on the ends of the branches allows holding and lightness.

With the Sunglass hut usa, runner runners have a new pair of sunglasses made just for them. Like the Julbo Breeze that are for women, these are for men.

The first prize with spectron 3 glasses is 69 € and count at “the glasses box” 119 € for those sold with Julbo Zebra glass.

Elastomer shock absorber located at the temples for more comfort and lightness

With its fins that fit in all angles, the glasses adapt to all types of nose to offer an irreproachable fit in all circumstances.

Very ventilated structure of the telescope allowing a total circulation of the air which prevents the formation of fogging.


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