Sunglass Lens Color Guide in 2020


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One can choose a form of sunglass that fits his face perfectly … and spoil it with a color or shade that is not appropriate! In a few simple questions, this article will help you choose the ideal color for your frames: one that highlights your face brings out your (pretty) eyes and fits your personality sunglasses.

What are the colors that highlight you?

The colors we wear can influence our moods and reflect our style and personal expression. Know that some colors will better than others to your complexion or the color of your eyes.

Warm colors and cool colors

Warm tones: yellow, orange, red-orange, red, burgundy, …

Cold tones: mauve, violet, blue-violet, turquoise-blue, blue-green, green, …

The warm colors are generally in harmony with the light complexions. If you have colored hair or gray-white, the warm colors will suit you well. As a rule, they can also be used to soften some too hard elements of your face.

If you have dark hair or brown hair, you can easily have sunglasses frames of any tone, hot or cold. The particularly flattering colors are warm colors or in the series of cold colors: dark green and intense blue. A frame of sunglasses with patterned branches or with rhinestones will also work well on dark hair.

A quick test that lets you know if you’re better at warm tones or cold tones

gold-silver Take a sheet of aluminum foil (or any silver cloth) and a gold leaf (or a cloth in golden tones) and place yourself in front of a mirror in a room well lit by daylight.

Place alternately the two leaves under your face and observe your complexion, the appearance of your skin, the color of your lips and your eyes. One of the two colors makes your complexion brighter, it unifies, attenuates wrinkles, brings out the color of the eyes and lips.

If it’s the silver tone that beautifies your complexion, choose cold tones.

You see, it’s simple! You can even adopt this advice for your outfits or make-up.

Sunglass Lens Color and your Complexion

In general, it is best to choose a frame color that contrasts with the complexion. People with light or pale skin will often choose brown vs gray polarized lenses but this is not a rule.

The light skins
You can turn to iridescent black, plum, magenta, mauve and blue sunglass lens…. Choosing bright colors will enhance your features and look good.

Red skin
If you are red or red, know that the green will be fine.

Matte or dark skin
Bright or dark colors are good for matte skin and dark hair. Darker skin tones are often enhanced by silver, gold or clear mounts, bright colors are intensified on a matte skin. The patterned branches can give a nice effect also on the dull skins.

Sunglass Lens Color and the color of your eyes

You always have the choice between shades that are similar to the look, or that contrast with him.

For blue eyes, you can try an orange frame that will support your look or bluish or silver that will harmonize. Also try rosé, mauve or dark purple, blue sunglass lens which often contrasts very nicely with blue eyes.

For green eyes, a frame of sunglasses gray or silver, the colors khaki or chocolate, brown vs gray polarized lenses will put them in value.

For brown eyes, it’s easier, you’re spoiled since all colors can go. The shell frames are particularly good for you. Try the rosy colors, purple, warm greens and golden sunglasses frames.

For black eyes, soften your look with shades of beige or pink.

See also our tips for makeup with sunglasses, so you can match the colors of your makeup to those of your sunglasses and your eyes. High class! If with all this you are not the most beautiful! No, it’s impossible.

Sunglasses frame Color and your hair

The quick and safe method to avoid making a mistake when choosing the color of your sunglasses is to match the frame of sunglasses to the color of your hair.
Warm tones for blond, brown or red hair.
Cold tones for gray hair or pepper and salt.
All shades are possible with black hair.

The Clothes Color

color-complementary The colors that suit you well for your clothes will also go for your sunglasses. If you are used to wearing certain tones or colors for your clothes, you can choose these same colors but also dare for complementary colors. For example, orange and blue are complementary colors. Green and red are complementary colors. It will only bring out your eyes!

But you can always choose any look. When it comes to fashion, style, there really are no rules. It’s you, and the way you want to present your personality that matters most.

The color of sunglass: fashion and trend

Yes, it can count for you too! In 2020, whether for eyes or sunglasses, we dare bright colors and sparkling. You can read all our articles on trendy sunglasses.

The age

From a certain age, it is better to avoid dark shades because they tend to harden the eyes. Opt for softness, sober colors, and light tones. Avoid the green that can really look bad or look tired. You can also choose bright colors to your warm (pink, red, yellow, orange) inside the bezel and branches: the frame will brighten your eyes and your face.

The points to remember: Sunglass Color

  • If you have a large or angular face, avoid bright colors (and extravagant sunglasses), they could strengthen the features rather than mitigate them.
  • Pink, burgundy or mauve shades look good, unlike yellow, lime green or orange which can be disastrous for your complexion.
  • The light shades bring softness and illuminate the face while the dark ones give a serious and sometimes austere side.
  • To add a special effect to the face with its sunglasses, keep in mind that light colors tend to soften the face while darker colors give a more sober look. The trick: choose a pink, red, cherry or burgundy color inside the bezel and sunglasses branches: it will brighten your eyes and your face.
  • The “safe” method is to match the color of his sunglass with the color of his hair.
  • If you are unsure of several models of sunglasses, remember that it is also possible to juggle several pairs, depending on the mood of the moment or the outfit worn. There are sunglasses with interchangeable branches.

Finally, do not hesitate to try sunglasses online, a convenient way to test the color while staying at home. more buy sunglasses online, Choose your favorite



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