Sunglasses trends 2020


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They are waiting but the sun and the beautiful days will eventually arrive! Meanwhile, the solar collections of sunglasses 2020 are already there and it feels awfully good holidays … We offer a brief overview of new trends and a selection of our favorite sunglasses. You are rather trendy sports look or starlet? Do you prefer aviator, butterfly or wayfarer? Looking for sunglasses for use in the city, on the beach or in the mountains? Whatever the answers, you will find your happiness among our 700 references and the twenty or so associated brands.

The return of the “Glacier” sunglasses
Side look, it can hardly be more retro than with Glacier glasses and yet they make a real comeback this year. They were originally intended for mountaineering and high mountain enthusiasts thanks to their removable leather shells that protect your eyes on the sides. But since their appearance on the nose of the most famous secret agents in the film Specter, they seduce more and more the general public and rock stars. the most beautiful models of Glacier glasses are found without hesitation at Vuarnet with obviously the famous glasses of 007. Small favorite also for the Vermont model of Julbo.

The timeless Wayfarer
Timeless but not inimitable, created by Ray-Ban in 1952, the Wayfarer has simply become THE must-have model over the years. Go anywhere with their rectangular shape, Wayfarer glasses cross generations, they adapt to all styles and all circumstances. A model that appeals to both men and women to the point that many brands have finally become appropriate. Like pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler, we love the Oakley Frogskins. For its part, the brand Retro Super Future offers an impressive amount of color. Finally, for those who think of
ussi ecology and sustainable development, there are wooden glasses downright cannons that will appeal to nature lovers but not only!

The Aviator for the show, we love it!
Again, it’s a classic since the first pair of Aviator glasses dates back to 1937, when they were designed for American pilots. Long associated with Tom Cruise in Top Gun or the bikers of the 70s American police in the CHiPs series, their retro look is now one of the hottest models. In recent years, even women have adopted the Aviator look for their glasses. Want to show off on the beach, on your cafe racer or in your cabriolet? This is the mount you need! We advise you to go take a look at Maui Jim.

Round glasses
If the round glasses had their first moments of glory with John Lennon and Elton John, they also come back to date with hipster fashion. Brands like Komono or Vuarnet understand it! The version with a metal bar on the top of the frame is particularly trendy.

Starlet glasses
Over the years, women have become more masculine, but women’s standards are far from forgotten. For a more chic and glamorous look, fly glasses, star and fluttering shapes remain safe. The Serengeti brand offers a beautiful collection of women’s sunglasses. For the color it’s you who see even if the black and the scale remains indestrĂ´nables for this style of glasses …

Sports models
If your sunglasses are intended for a more sporty use better to choose a model in line with your activity. Whether you are at sea, on land, in the air or on the snow, your needs will not be the same. Several parameters must be taken into consideration such as reverberation, impact resistance, ergonomics, maintenance or buoyancy! Some brands have specialized in sports sunglasses. From mountain biking to skiing to water sports or motorized activities, every sport now has its own pair of glasses. The best models are found among specialists in the field such as Oakley, Cebe or Julbo.

Dare a futuristic look
In a style apart, we invite you to discover the improbable collection of Retro Super Future sunglasses. You like to get noticed and you’re not the type to do like everyone else? You will love these glasses! If you are septic, the brand also offers models that are easier to wear.

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