Sunglasses Trends Summer in 2020

Hits: 649The most nostalgic season of the year has started well and sets the tone. The summer season, which has expanded well this year, has finally given way to announce the change. That’s why we present the trends of Summer sunglasses 2020. The color mix Warm tones blend with darker colors, but more flashy pastel […]


How to Choose Sunglasses for Face Shape in 2020?

Hits: 524Here are some shapes of trendy sunglasses in 2020. For each of them, you will find some tips to know if the shape is suitable for your face. If you want to know more and to know the types of frames appropriate to your morphology. consult our article on the choice of glasses according […]


Fashion trend sunglasses in 2020

Hits: 547In 2020, We are waiting but the sun and sunny days will eventually arrive. Meanwhile, the solar collections of summer 2020 are already there and it feels awfully good holidays. For the latest fashion trend 2020 sunglasses, classic or retro models are again revisited to bring an ultra-modern design and customization to the extreme. Whether […]