Sunglasses Trends Summer in 2020


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The most nostalgic season of the year has started well and sets the tone. The summer season, which has expanded well this year, has finally given way to announce the change. That’s why we present the trends of Summer sunglasses 2020.

The color mix

Warm tones blend with darker colors, but more flashy pastel colors are making a splash in our fall looks. The most surprising combinations are not only reserved for the summer but can also be worn during the fall, where they can still adapt to the outfits and get noticed more than ever. An example of some models, in the photo collage below, with a sample of Sunglass amazon 2020 sunglasses.

Summer: too much

The baroque style is coming back, and more trendy than ever. Floral prints, geometric shapes, stripes, embroidery, ruffles, large lapels, and laces. Sunglasses are not forgotten. There are real jewels, as for these Sunglass hut USA with crystals encrusted in the shape of cat’s eye. This model comes with a velvet hard case, a flannel and matching satin pouch, and an ivory microfiber cloth. An authentic jewel for this Summer.

Evening glasses

Who said that sunglasses were only worn during the day? Marcs Jacobs specializes in crazy and festive design for evening sunglasses. Unusual combinations of leopard, pink, gold, cat-eye … Dare? Bet on Marc Jacobs:

The American brand has a very personal style that you will love or dislike. This model is one of the most requested because of its round shape and its large size, golden color. Welcome to the ’90s.

Cosmetic sunglasses

This year the cosmetic sunglasses have revolutionized the solar market: quality, lightness and lower filters to be able to shine and wear them until late no time. Ideal for fall. The models in the photo are from the Polaroid brand; the model PLD 2053S (worn by the man), and the model PLD 4052S (worn by the woman). Discover all the colors you will love.

The most clashed

The cheeky style never goes out of fashion, it is always renovated. The Carrera novelties are irresistible. These Men’s polarized sunglasses in 2019 have their own character. Who is looking for a carefree and serious style at the same time, will be served: Carrera 1006 / S, metallic structure, double bridge with a vertical bridge that joins them, upper caliber and square shape. In addition, they exist in 4 different colors. Its price will not give you the desire to leave them only in your basket. Try it if you do not believe us.

You must wear sunglasses in 2020

If there is a pair of sunglasses that we must venerate, this is the: oversized aviator women sunglasses. Sunglass hut USA brand created real jewelry, and the design of this model combines softness and strength with its imposing front. To be on top, it’s very easy, bet on Shadow!

This little tour of Summer gave us ideas on the glasses that are worn in this season. They are daring, surprising, real jewels. You can bet on these models with your eyes closed.



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