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Sunny days have come – it means dark glasses become a must, and sometimes the most important accent of the image. Choose a cool frame, focusing on the latest trends.

What Sunglasses are in Style 2019?

Cat’s eye

Cat-shaped glasses are no longer a trend, but a pure classic. This frame was worn by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren – no wonder that after six decades, such glasses remain the object of desire for all the fashionistas of the world.

Glasses “cat’s eye” perfectly complement the image with a romantic dress or midi skirt and a light blouse. Bright rims, like the English brand PRISM, will also fit into a casual outfit a la “jeans + T-shirt”.

Preferred face shape: any, with the exception of the “heart” shape.

Huge glass
Love when glasses cover half of the face? Then you are certainly delighted with the fashion for huge rims, behind which you can not see either the eyes, or the cheekbones or cheeks. Oversize points are still in trend. The shape of the frame does not matter: Marni offers rimless square glasses with orange glasses, and Miu Miu put massive hexagons on the noses of the models. The case when only the size is important, and the rest is a matter of taste.

Preferred face shape: square, rectangular, round. With care – women with an oval face.

Perfect circles
Glasses with round glasses won the recognition of the girls two seasons ago, and it is too early to expect that the fashion for the favorite frame of the cat Basilio will come to naught. However, they have noticeably changed: no one is interested in a simple black frame – for example, the Italian brand JPLUS calls for wearing glasses in a white frame with wide arms, and the Japanese brand Matsuda shows “rounded” aviators in the Sarah Connor style from the Terminator 2 movie.

These glasses look cool and playful, but not everyone is. It’s not about the shape of a face, but about age restrictions. Bright round glasses sit nicely on the tips of young girls, but older women are advised to choose classic frames.

Preferred face shape: any, except rhombic and round.

Rhinestones everywhere
Hello from the beginning of the 2000s! Remember the glasses strewn with rhinestones? Yes, yes, they are back in fashion. Fortunately, the glasses do not look so tasteless and stupid as before, but still extravagant. Let’s just say, the option is not for every day. When you get together in a luxurious restaurant located on the coast of Saint-Tropez, or you have the opportunity to go on the red carpet, then you will need glasses shining in the sun from Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana.

If you fell in love with a frame with multi-colored pebbles, but do not know what to wear it with, remember the rule: combine these glasses with clothes of simple cut, calm colors, and forget about other catchy accessories.

Preferred face shape: any, depends on the shape of the frame.

Custom geometry
Do not decide which glasses are right for you: round, square or rectangular? Take the octagonal! The visionaries from Prada and Bibhu Mohapatra decided that it was time to change the usual forms into intricate geometric shapes: from triangles to oddly elongated ovals. Class, this is something new!

Preferred face shape: oval, round, elongated. Points with clear corners will not suit women with a square and diamond-shaped face.

Double jumper
Two curved lines connecting the lenses of glasses, have become an indispensable element of fashionable sun protection models. They are also found on our favorite aviators, clubmasters, tisaydah (this is the clever name of glasses with round rims). What can I say: an additional bridge will not spoil the rim, on the contrary, it will become a “chip”, so when you buy new glasses, do not miss this trend.

Preferred face shape: any, with the exception of the round.

Lenses of all colors of the rainbow
Look at the world through rose-colored glasses – you can! Do not want through the pink – look through the green or blue. However, keep in mind that ophthalmologists do not recommend using these glasses constantly: red, pink, purple lenses unduly distort the colors of surrounding objects and quickly tire the eyes. Let’s put it this way: wear glasses with bright glasses for no more than two hours a day, and at other times protect your eyes with glasses with black, dark blue and dark brown lenses.

Preferred face shape: any, depending on the type of frame.

Finally, another fun shape of glasses in the form of two triangles resembling butterfly wings. A great option for those who are tired of aviators and weifarera. Butterflies will add a summer look of romantic charm: combine them with dresses a la baby-dollars or dresses in retro style. And get ready for the curious views of others: after all, glasses look very interesting.

Preferred face shape: square, round, oval. Do not wear girls with a triangular face shape.

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