The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape


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We would all like to have Victoria Beckham sunglasses, but will they really go? And of course, everything depends on the morphology of your face!
You should also know that sunglasses are not only in summer, but also in winter, on the contrary, it will make a chic look in a trendy look! And everything depends on the look you wear, you have to choose your sunglasses according to your outfit. Let’s go!









For oval faces:
I think it’s not a secret, everything is fine! But all depends on the shape of your nose, if it is imposing and / or short, the middle of the sunglasses must be large, and if it is small and / or long, the middle must be short. This is valid for all other types of faces.

For round faces:
The round face has no angles, avoid too rounded sunglasses and prefer angular, graphic or slightly rounded frames.

For square faces:
This face has the distinction of having a pronounced jaw and a broad forehead. In this case, avoid frames too square and too wide, which will accentuate the shape of your face. Favor in rounded shapes and why not geometric as well as graphic.

For elongated faces:
It’s a bit like the concept of an oval face, but this one is longer and slimmer, as well as the nose. Choose fine frames or large black sunglasses and avoid sunglasses that are too big compared to your face.

For triangular faces:
In this type of face, the chin is the most marked part. To balance the shape, we favor the frames with fine contours and sober shades. Avoid glasses too far from your face but rather close enough, like rounds for example.
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