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On Aveclunettesoleil we activated the detector of cinema glasses, and after several researches, we managed to identify some very trendy models.

Stars like Julia Roberts, Chris Hemsworth, and Clive Owen wear exclusively branded sunscreens in the movies in which they play. Here is a presentation of some of these models so exclusive. Take a look … And who is it? Maybe you will like them? Our movie sunglasses collection now begins:

Imagine yourself: in a long dress, parading on the red carpet, at the doors of a big film festival, or even in a very chic and sophisticated party. At first, you have to find the proper attire. And a key accessory that will make the difference: elegant and chic sunglasses. In our shop, we offer models of major brands that remain at a very economical price. Like always!

Cinema glasses, Prepare the popcorn!
Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Carrera. All these great brands have a legendary past. That’s why fashion directors in Hollywood blockbusters use them for the most charismatic celebrities. Would you like to know some examples? Sit well! We start:

Clive Owen – The boys are back
The actor of this Australian-British drama charms us with these fantastic Dior Homme DIOR0195S-J25 (SS), aviator-shaped, totally silver and with a double bridge. These ultra-exclusive glasses made of premium materials, stand out for its classic shape and futuristic color. These curves and its metallic details give a sophisticated and delicate touch to the model.

Chris Hemsworth – Rush
The multifaceted Chris Hemsworth, the actor in this film of the great James Hunt, embodies an arrogant and neglected Formula 1 driver who runs for the Ferrari team. With it’s rogue and arrogant look, there is no other model better suited than the Carrera New Safari New Safari-KME-J6 for this character: a model aviator style 100% Carrera. Its wide bridge and dark Havana color give this model a mysterious and rebellious spirit.

Julia Roberts – Duplicity
The darling of the Americas has accustomed us to wear a refined and sophisticated look. This time she surprises us with a model Fendi FF 0047 / S-D28 (9O), an exclusive model for elegant women and classes. Its shiny black frame blends perfectly with the treatment of glasses and the detail of the branches. These are fashion glasses that very few can get.

Jonah Hill – War Dogs
We end with the charismatic Jonah Hill endorses a macabre character in the movie War Dogs. To go with his look, a Gucci GG0015S-003. This aviator model suits him perfectly. Nothing more logical! This model goes to everyone! Try it, you’ll see, we’re sure you’ll be fine!

We hope you enjoy this selection of cinema glasses. And do not hesitate to tell us about your favorite models, depending on the celebrity and your tastes. Let yourself be tempted by the model you like most and bet on Aveclunettesoleil.

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