The Purple Color Sunglasses Of The Year 2018 is Very Provocative


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Lee Eiseman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, the world’s leading color chart, unveiled last December the color of the year 2018: Purple. Eiseman comments: “At once complex and contemplative, the Ultra Violet color evokes the mysteries of the cosmos, the unknown and the discoveries that await us. The vast night sky stretching to infinity symbolizes the field of possibilities and continues to inspire the desire to see beyond our own world. ”

Prince, David Bowie or Jimi Hendrix wore this color. Purples have always been a symbol of pop culture, counterculture and the art world for color experts and this year they are back.

Here is a selection of the most trendy glasses with the color of this new year. Will you adopt it too?

The fashionable color in 2018
To follow the trend, opt for this dark and mysterious color in your accessories. Dare the strident and elegant sunglasses at once, bringing to your outfit that touch of color that will make you stand out:

The Caravan model is one of Ray Ban’s bestsellers; it’s a pair of unisex glasses with a large front and a caliber of 58 millimeters that favors the faces of average size. The purple colored glass is a novelty for this vintage model: RB3136-167 / 1M.

FENDI 0190 / S
This Fendi model stands out for its enticing and ultra-feminine forms and its eye-catching and provocative colors. Purple lenses make the look darker, the light pink frames give a touch of originality and character. In addition, the thin metal branches end on green endings and fall at his feet. Big success for fashion addicts!

Prada has also planned models with the color of the season. This shade goes perfectly with any casual or bold outfit. It is a pair with purple glasses, very attractive for the female audience. The dark upper frame brings distinction and the fine golden branches add a little more elegance to this pair.

This firm for hard drives has also succumbed to purple fever. Thus, this double deck model, so attractive and masculine, made with blue and purple lenses is perfect for medium faces, so we add it to our TOP list of 2018.

Yes, we know, you love it! When everything seems to be invented in terms of sunglasses, the French house arrives and surprises us again: Dior Mirrored wreaks havoc, and not only by its exquisite combination of colors, but also by the combination of textures and architecture of the pair of glasses. Look at it well and add it to your wish list!

Sunglasshutusa NORONHA
If you thought you could wear Sunglasshutusa sunglasses only in summer, you’re wrong! And, as for flip flops, the colors stand out. The Noronha model fits all faces. It is a unique bezel made of rubber, very resistant just like the flip flops of the brand. In addition, its price is more than attractive and they also exist in size for children. Discover them!

Visionary, brazen, original, fashion, do you join the craziness of purple? We are waiting for you at sunglasshutusa.com


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