Trends in women’s sunglasses for the year 2019


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The new trends in women’s prescription and reading goggles are dominated by retro and vintage styles this year. Therefore, the round eyewear models, the aviator sunglasses model or the “oversize” of the 60s, the type of prescription glasses that will be strongly represented this year.

Women’s glasses with unique styles and designs
The general trend is towards simplicity and lightness. These qualities become very important when choosing the perfect eyewear, especially with regard to the frame and the spectacle rods, as well as the material used. There is a clear commitment to metal eyeglasses in the new prescription eyewear collections for women. The key to this style is to play with the design of the lenses and incorporate the influence of the retro style. Undoubtedly, the big aviator sunglasses and the round “John Lennon” style are right up there.

Latest Sunglasses trends in 2019 also apply to glasses with plastic frames, where soft colors and different shades of brown prevail. However, it is also possible to find more daring designs with more creative shapes and colors.

Trends of the brands in corrective glasses for women
This year Fendi presents its great commitment to reading glasses made of plastic. With a very varied selection of models and daring proposals. We see eyewear models that have an oval, butterfly or round shapes combined with eyeglass frames in very creative colors or different color gradients. Very often, the glasses rods become the protagonists of the model, with contrasting colors or distinctive patterns.

Sunglass hut USA shows off different designs without sacrificing their characteristic of simplicity with elegance. Here we see, for example round metal frames, aviator sunglasses or even models in a polygonal shape. The plastic versions are limited to uniform colors that range from red to blue, although here too black prevails.

The MCM plastic goggles have very lively designs this year and are characterized by the shades of brown and the Carey pattern. They usually come with wide spectacle rods and are decorated with eye-catching details.

Sunglass hut usa also focuses on plastic models with full glasses frames. The lenses are available in round or square, mainly in black, brown or colored.

On the other hand, the style of the corrective eyewear by Sunglass hut USA emphasizes more powerful and varied prints and colors like blue, pink or purple.

The Sunglass hut usa models with their round, oval or square shapes offer a balanced selection of very simple, thin and lightweight eyeglass frames.

Of course, sunglasshutusa remains absolutely true to its legendary pilot-style cut, but dares the combination of this model with a very thin metallic design.

Sunglass hut usa does not disappoint us with a wide variety of plastic models with daring prints and gradients. They are available in combinations of bold colors such as blue and nameplate.

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