Types and functions of glasses


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With the advancement of technology, more and more types of glasses are now on the market. Now, what kinds of glasses are there, and what is the role?

Method / step
1. Myopia glasses: After myopia, we only need to wear these glasses in order to see things clearly. However, it is not very good to wear for a long time, because it will not only greatly affect the glasses, but also reduce vision.

2, contact lenses: it is similar to the role of myopia glasses, but it is more beautiful, after all, it is set in the eyes, but improper use may make the eyes inflamed.

3, because the elderly are older, all aspects of the organ began to degenerate, the eyesight gradually began to decline, need to help through the presbyopia eyes, and myopia glasses are still different, reading glasses are more suitable for the elderly.

4, sunglasses: the sun’s ultraviolet rays will hurt our eyes, sunglasses can protect the eyes, things can be softened in the glare of the environment.

5, radiation glasses: Many young people like to play computer games, brush friends circle, so the eyes are easy to myopia, but radiation glasses can reduce radiation, but when the blue light is reduced, the vision will also drop a little.

6, sunglasses: Many stars will wear sunglasses when they go out, not only can play handsome, cool, but also hide their identity, it is very mysterious.

7, Although glasses can help our lives, there are side effects. Therefore, we still have to protect our eyes.


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